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Alltruck Mobile App Case Study - DNAMIC Projects

Combining innovation with the newest mobile technology, we served our customer to build their improved business model and increase market possibilities in the transportation industry.

Arena Edge Case Study

In this case study, you will see how we polished and supported this business to be the video authority it is now and provide to its customers a world-class user experience!

Laptop and devices with a reports on their screens

Through a partnership which has lasted more than 5 years, we were able to expand CLMA’s core and increase functionality, ending in a broadened service-catalog for their end-users.

Phone with a pink background

We create User Experiences for each specific client goal, find out how CSS has become more influential in their market through their improved UX/UI.

Laptop with site loaded

We focused on imagery, design and information architecture to capture attention, creating an optimized catalog that shares its products digitally.

Laptop with a website loaded and a red background

Get to know how we surprised our partner with the delivery of a real time, high-quality platform which helps them to succeed in their industry.


A complete process: from UX/UI Design to software development, showing how learning out of things from the past can become the future with the correct technology.

Computer monitor, Honeygrow home page

DNAMIC helped create a groundbreaking app through a built-in gamification element and enhanced ordering experience.

Icon of three people, the first one is red.

Our decision to use project management for candidate selection gave us extraordinary outcomes and showed our dedication to IntraEdge's growth!

laptop with orange background

DNAMIC helped Lubys improve its online food ordering infrastructure under stress testing conditions, leading to more orders and increased sales.

Laptop with pink background

An offline-first strategy for an app to capture leads that allow users to take advantage of all its features, with a renewed and refined UX/UI strategy.

Map of America with Facebook, Google and instagram graphics

Learn how DNAMIC helped Monin to build an assertive online marketing strategy for social media, SEO and digital advertising to engage into a new market.

Tablet with rallybus app loaded

Bus pass, technological driver assistance, and location information, all in one. See how Rallybus made all your information available on your smartphone and tablet.

RealGreen Logo

Our ability to find professional talent with technical skills within your budget is part of the worth of this staff augmentation partnership.

PC with white background

Learn about how we developed a user-friendly website with an attractive design and relevant content that substantially increased sales.

Reibus Qa logo

Reibus entrusted us to deliver quality assurance and development to their Projects.

Warner logo

Discover in this case study how we worked in less than three-quarters of the year for a complete change to an application's design and usability.

Laptop with pink background

DNAMIC created a platform that is easy to use and navigate, designing an experience where users can see all their information while being notified in real-time.

laptop with a blue background

We employ staff augmentation services, backend expertise, and software testing to create successful solutions for Warner Music Group.

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Over 7 years of experience delivering projects across a range of industries including transportation, e-learning, food & beverages, entertainment and more.

Each project we undertake positively impacts our customer's bottom line by generating additional revenue.

See examples of web and mobile applications that we developed for our clients:


Partnering with us brings your business goals from board to field. Become a success case study too!

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