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Top 5 Workspace Tech Trends to Watch in 2023

Organizations in every sector have seen unexpected shifts within their workspaces. From the persistence in hybrid and remote models to the impacts of "The Great Resignation,"

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DNAMIC 2023 Predictions: The year low-code and no-code platforms grow the most since they first started

The world we currently live, has made it easy for people to quickly develop a decent understanding of technology, and how to leverage it to their advantage.

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15 Inspiring Resolutions for Digital Trailblazers, CIOs, and CDOs on Digital Transformation

New year’s resolutions help you reflect on the past and think about some objectives and changes you want for the upcoming year.

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(Spanish Article) CEO de DNAMIC forma parte del Forbes Technology Council

Arturo García, CEO y cofundador de DNAMIC, ha sido aceptado en el Forbes Technology Council, una comunidad por invitación para CIO’s, CTO’s y ejecutivos de tecnología de primer nivel.

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How Can Companies Overcome The Challenges Of Implementing Intelligent Automation?

According to the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workplace Happiness Index performed in 2019, 27% of workers between the ages of 18 and 24 are worried about new technology eliminating their jobs.

Picture of Arturo García, DNAMIC's CEO

Arturo Garcia of DNAMIC On The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

There is a general idea as to the capabilities of AI now. But I am fascinated by the potential of the creative uses we will give to this technology as it evolves in the future and we consciously make it a part of our day-to-day lives.

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(Spanish Article) Desarrolladoras de software ticas aumentan proyectos y vacantes por demanda generada a partir de guerra en Ucrania

Una importante firma de la industria musical a nivel global, y con sede en Estados Unidos, tenía contratada a una empresa de desarrollo informático en Ucrania que le brindaba servicios de outsourcing.

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How Costa Rica emerged as a leading provider of software partnerships

As competition for digital talent intensifies, enterprises are fostering partnerships with Costa Rica’s innovative software ecosystem to help bridge the digital skills gap.

3 Ways to Give Your Company What It Needs in 2023

While it may sound cliché, the economic forecast for 2023 is calling for companies to work smarter, not harder: a.k.a., prioritize efficiency and cut spending wherever they can. For some businesses, this means...

Automation is Not a Technology, It’s a Way of Life

Embracing automation is the only way companies can survive in the digital age, but it’s a complex process. Here’s how to make the necessary cultural shift to help automation take flight.

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How to engage employees in future workspaces

Business leaders should continue to grow their companies and also meet the needs of their employees, which requires a new approach to workplace operations.

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Build AI apps faster with low-code and no-code

The lines are blurring between business workflow platforms, AI tools, and low- and no-code platforms. More low- and-no code platforms are interfacing with AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, while some AI tools are building in no-code capabilities.

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5 Digital Transformation Experts Share Advice on Turning Detractors to Excited Supporters

You won’t transform a business model, redesign a customer experience, or automate a complex business process without facing some resistance.


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