SRE Engineer

We are hiring an experienced SRE Engineer with a great sense of responsibility, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Strong level of knowledge in DevOps/SRE, Agile, SAFe, Java, data analytics tools, containerization, public cloud platforms, CI /CD tools, and code infrastructure.


Someone with project coordination and networking experience and benchmarking and performance analysis, with a leadership instinct and problem-solving skills.

Career Details


  • Show experience and maintain production environments that require 24/7 availability

  • Ensure reliability, stability, performance, and security requirements

  • Be able to show performance, scalable, and maintainable software solutions with tools for internal use

  • Perform proactively troubleshooting & performance analysis of Snap services and cloud environments

  • Assure a good diagnose and help build robust, self-healing features

  • Create automation to reduce operational effort and improve service uptime

  • Participate in programs to deploy pre-release products and codes in production

  • Provide direct feedback to product development teams

  • Perform analysis to determine appropriate solutions

  • Actively engage in design reviews, code reviews, and operational reviews

  • Assure a developing strategy to design requirements on small systems or modules of large systems

  • Effectively analyze issue root causes and contribute to unfamiliar code written by team members

  • Participate in the estimation process, use case specifications, reviews of test plans and test cases, requirements, and project planning

  • Introduce tools and automate repetitive processes to reduce operation difficulties


  • 5+ years of experience in DevOps/SRE

  • Assuring degree in systems engineering or a related field

  • Strong experience in benchmarking, performance analysis of parallel applications and workflows

  • Proficient in containerization as Kubernetes and Docker

  • Broad expertise in programming languages as Java, Python, and NodeJS

  • Knowledge in public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure

  • Experience in load balancing, network security, standard network protocols such as HTTP/s, DNS, etc.

  • Show API lifecycle management and message bus technologies experience

  • Proficient in Linux, Windows

  • Experience in monitoring and data analytics tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Dynatrace, OpenTelemetry, ELK

  • Strong knowledge in project coordination, SLA adherence, and hands-on end-to-end software development plus lifecycle using SAFe, Agile & DevOps practices and supporting applications in production for data-centric applications

  • Proficiency in CI/CD tooling Jenkins, GitLab, and others

  • Experience deploying infrastructure as a code (Terraform)

Technology Stack

  • DevOps/SRE

  • SAFe, Jira, Agile Methodologies

  • Java, Python, NodeJS

  • AWS, Azure

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins

  • HTTP/s, DNS

  • Linux, Windows

  • Prometheus, Grafana, Terraform

  • Dynatrace

  • OpenTelemetry

  • ELK

  • GIT, GitLab

English Skills

    • 90% B2+ or C1


    • Fully remote job

    • Birthdays off

    • Flexible schedule

    • A great work environment that we consider our great asset

    • Private medical insurance

    • Discounts and financial vision care

    • Yearly blood work

    • Discounts and financing dental treatments

    • Partnerships and discounts with universities

    • Continuous training in technology, methodologies, savings, and personal finances

    • Room to grow and lead

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What our team member say about working with us

“During the time that I have worked for DNAMIC my professional life has only grown.I a very grateful to be part of this wonderful team and for all the enriching experiences that have contributed to my formation as a professional in all areas.


At DNAMIC they have provided me with training and support that has added to my experience and has also allowed me to perform better in my area.”

Kristel Salazar

Sr Quality Assurance Engineering

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