Senior Back End Engineer

We are looking for an API master! A Senior BackEnd engineer ready to lead a team towards the future of development. We need someone passionate and experienced with a drive to create and revolutionize the industry. It requires extensive experience with Lambda, Node.JS, Java, Python, Prisma, AWS, among other cloud-based settings.


You will be guiding other engineers while pushing to develop outside the box! This role needs to be an expert in microservices, event-based architectures, and upgraded programming languages, with excellent communication skills to deliver solutions that provide value. Apply now!

About the position

Career Details


As a Senior Back End, you are in charge of behind the scenes, you are making the magic for people to experience it. You will be having a close relationship with different teams because you are the backbone maker. This role requires striving against challenges while bringing bright ideas.

    • Build applications using JavaScript, React, NodeJS, AWS, and other microservices

    • Demonstrate knowledge for developing APIs, building Lambda functions, configuring databases, and setting up infrastructure

    • Guide others as they learn the best practices, to achieve optimal productivity, stability, and security

    • Communicate and collaborate with other teams to determine needs and solutions

    • Create value out of feedback

    • Advice on processes with automation, as well as troubleshoot issues, across multiple environments

    • Provide upgrades and development on infrastructure for platforms using AWS

    • Enhance continuous integration


Creation in Back End has to be functional, clean, and unique. You are the one with a detailed management mind, and a quick eye for the improvement, strength, and enhancement of the project, as well as the experienced authority assuring the best performance.

    • Bachelor degree in Computer Science, or related field

    • Minimum of 5 years experience in BackEnd development

    • Passion for leading and mentoring other engineers

    • Familiarity in a fast-paced start-up environment

    • Expert in Node.JS or Python or Java, or other popular programming languages

    • Strong proven skill with AWS Lambda Functions

    • Expert in cloud-based environments like AWS, GCP, or Azure

    • Proficiency with ORMS, including Prisma, Spring, or Hibernate.

    • Experience in setting up systems to monitor bugs or performance issues

    • Expertise in RDBMS systems (Cloud-based versions), including Postgres or MySQL

    • Strong knowledge of Database and DevOps

    • Expertise in microservices, event-based architectures, or serverless solutions

Technology Stack

    • NodeJS or Java or Python
    • SQL
    • NodeJS (Lambda functions), Express, Jest

    • AWS Lambda

    • AWS CLI, Python to support AWS CLI

    • Prisma

    • VS Code

    • Algolia

    • Git, Github

    • Jira

    • Nice to have: basic knowledge in Front End (React, Gatsby, Jest, Yarn)

English Skills

    • 90% B2 or C1


With us, you’ll enjoy being part of an encouraging work culture, where we celebrate individual growth, personality, and the essence that makes you, you. At DNAMIC, we want you to be and build the best.

    • Fully remote

    • Birthdays off

    • Flexible schedule 

    • Great work environment, that we consider our great asset 

    • Private medical insurance

    • Discounts and financial vision care  

    • Yearly blood work

    • Discounts and financial dental treatments

    • Partnerships and discounts with universities 

    • Continuous training in technology, methodologies, savings, and personal finances 

    • Room to grow and lead 

Apply now! Send your resume to jobs@dnamic.aiAt DNAMIC, you’ll experience a friendly working environment with a collaborative mindset.

What our team member say about working with us

Dnamic employee photography

“During the time that I have worked for DNAMIC my professional life has only grown.I a very grateful to be part of this wonderful team and for all the enriching experiences that have contributed to my formation as a professional in all areas.


At DNAMIC they have provided me with training and support that has added to my experience and has also allowed me to perform better in my area.”

Kristel Salazar

Sr Quality Assurance Engineering

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