Mobile React Native Developer

Are you looking for new challenges? We have an all-remote opening for a Mobile React Native developer with a quality-based workflow. It requires producing outstanding User Interface components and executing them efficiently using Flux and Redux, plus expertise in JavaScript and TypeScript.


This Mobile React Native developer position needs to assure the overall application is strong, efficient, easy to maintain, high-quality, and well-designed. This role requires extensive knowledge of RxJs, ECMAScript, JSON Web Token, OAuth2, Okta; Jest, bootstrap, Enzyme, Cypress. As well as with front-end familiarities such as Babel and Webpack. It has to be a collaborative and ingenious developer that can generate an application from design to maintenance.


If you have the experience and want to add that extra fire to mobile development, apply now and become part of a community that supports growth and fulfillment and is ready to impulse you to your best.


Career details


The Mobile React Native purpose is vital for ideas to become a digital reality; it brings experience and knowledge. You carry the responsibility of sophisticated application design, creating, and executing exceptional User Interface components, a smooth optimization process, and collaboration with teams for the best performance results within multiple web-capable devices and browsers.

    • Develop applications with precise, efficient, and reusable code using TypeScript and JavaScript

    • Architect and sustain high-quality React Native Designs

    • Translating designs and wireframes into effective and clean code

    • Show experience with design patterns and data structure libraries using tools like Container pattern, Redux-saga, React Hooks, and Immutable.js, or related.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of style props and utilities for rapid UI development

    • Create modern authentication mechanisms with tools like ECMAScript, JSON Web Token, OAuth2, Okta

    • Use modern front-end tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, or related

    • Be able to produce cloud-native applications on AWS Cloud


A React Native developer has to ensure the overall application is a high-quality product; that is secure, effective, and maintainable. That meets the standards in both efficiency and design. The one in this role needs benchmarking and optimization skills, with a collaborative, problem-solving attitude that proves that they can be relayed on through the process of the app development

    • Extreme proficiency in TypeScript, JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and JavaScript object model

    • Thorough knowledge of React Native and its core principles

    • Expertise with React.js workflows Redux and Flux

    • Familiarity with updated ECMAScript specifications

    • Experience with design patterns and data structure libraries like Container pattern, Redux-saga, React Hooks, and Immutable.js, or related tools

    • Solid experience with reactive JavaScript libraries RxJs, as well as JavaScript, CSS-based templates such as bootstrap, semantic-UI; or similar

    • Considerable knowledge of CSS and HTML5

    • Proficiency with testing frameworks and libraries such as Jest, Enzyme, and Cypress

    • Cloud-native application development experience on AWS Cloud

    • Familiarity with Git

    • Excellent use of style props and services for UI development

    • Proficiency with JSON Web Token, OAuth2, and Okta

    • Familiarity with modern front-end tools, specially Babel, Webpack, and NPM

Technology Stack

    • JavaScript

    • TypeScript

    • React Native

    • Android and IOS

    • Redux, Flux

    • ECMAScript

    • Container pattern, Redux-saga, React Hooks, Immutable.js

    • Bootstrap, semantic-UI

    • CSS, HTML5

    • JSON Web Token, OAuth2, Okta

    • Jest, Enzyme, Cypress

    • RxJs

    • Babel, Webpack, NPM

    • Agile

    • GIT

    • Jira

English Skills

    • 85% or B2+


We believe that happiness goes hand in hand with work; that a job should also be a passion. At DNAMIC, achieving your bests is encouraged in your career and all aspects of your life. Join now and start your new path! 

    • Fully remote

    • Birthdays off

    • Flexible schedule 

    • A great work environment that we consider our great asset 

    • Private medical insurance

    • Discounts and financial vision care  

    • Yearly blood work

    • Discounts and financing dental treatments

    • Partnerships and discounts with universities

    • Continuous training in technology, methodologies, savings, and personal finances 

    • Room to grow and lead 

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