DNAMIC adds paternity leave to its many benefits  

DNAMIC adds paternity leave to its many benefits  

WordPress and Shopify: What they are, their benefits, how to use them, and why together they can be an excellent asset for your business eCommerce.

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Are you looking for a definitive solution for your eCommerce? Today, we will tell you about WordPress and Shopify and how their technologies can be the best solution for your eCommerce.

What is an eCommerce website?

Ecommerce is electronic or online commerce, that helps buy and sell using the internet and transfer money or data to effect these purchase transactions. It can be described more simply as a commercial transaction facilitated by the internet.


Its use is to introduce the physical business to an online product presentation and branding for its sale. Please don’t confuse it with an e-business that is the operation of an online business as a whole; eCommerce refers specifically to transactions of services and products.


Ecommerce started with the first-ever online sale on August 11 of 1994, where a man sold a Sting CD to his friend via his website called NetMarket. NetMarket intended to be an all-American retail platform. Since then, eCommerce has evolved to make that transition easier for shopping and the one offering it.


One of the many advantages of an eCommerce platform is that the products are more effortless to discover and buy. You can find anything from freelancers, small businesses, and large companies. They all benefited from what eCommerce allows them to achieve, which permits them to sell products and offer services at a range that was not viable with a traditional offline retail approach.


The reality is that eCommerce is not only blooming currently, but it’s establishing itself as the future of commerce. 


The top 5 eCommerce platforms are: 

  1. Wix – for small stores
  2. Shopify – for larger businesses
  3. Squarespace – for money transactions and such
  4. Square Online – to sell for free
  5. BigCommerce – for a completely online business 


Even though these are just five, many now take the shot on this software opportunity and build a solid base with the eCommerce industry. Ecommerce sales reached around $27 trillion in 2020 and are estimated to raise the bar for this year’s statistics.

Is there a catch when shopping online? 

With the world’s new challenges these past years, shopping online has become a popular, comforting activity, not to mention a safer way to get anything you need (or just want) with a delivery benefit. From food to business supplies, services of all kinds, and even the known, reliable physical stores are moving to online commerce. 


Is it worth it? Like any other type of shopping, both parts of the matter need to consider certain things. For example, as a buyer, there is the responsibility to spot the security checks and use their money carefully. 


Creating a safe, uncomplicated shopping experience has to be the responsibility to build trust between the customer and the website. This one will handle crucial data such as credit cards, personal info, etc., and that’s why it has to earn the trust not only the attraction of their consumers, which you can do with the right platform and software.

First, what is WordPress?

You might have heard of WordPress but don’t know what it is exactly or how it works? Let’s start from there.


WordPress is a straightforward, top-rated, free software where you can create a website or blog. It is free to download, install, and use as the person wants, either for a very personal non-profit reason or for a business. It’s very famous because it’s so flexible and easy to understand, you can modify it to your needs, and it comes with many advantages for brands.


On a technical concept, WordPress, according to its official website, “is an open-source content management system licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free.”


The idea of WordPress is for it to be accessible for everyone, even for people who aren’t developers. It allows a content management system tool without requiring to know anything about programming.


For developers, WordPress helps them adjust new and current technology that they can use for business goals.


How does it work? Essentially it would be best if you had a domain. You’ll have to set it. It can be from the web itself or add the many plugins that WordPress allows for better creativity and functionality. Advanced features help design and analyze any type of website and content to implement your business vision and branding quickly and effectively.


WordPress itself is a platform that creates opportunities. It started as a tool to create a regular blog rather than a website. It has evolved to a whole planet of possibilities with themes, plugins, etc., that allows almost any idea to develop.

WordPress has many businesses using it for their official sites and blogs; it’s also the most popular free eCommerce solution, thanks to its many plugins and tools.

Let's talk about Shopify. What is it?

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. It has numerous sales features, accessible pricing, design, ease of use, marketing, and more. It was named the Best Ecommerce Platform for Larger Businesses with over 800,000 businesses in its platform, outperforming most of its competitors.


Shopify offers an easy, quick way to launch an online store without the confusion over servers, development costs, and extra required knowledge of software as it occurred with self-hosted platforms such as Magento. 


It’s a recommended platform because of its clean, user-friendly, very intuitive interface. If you don’t have the technical knowledge or want to skip the challenge of learning it, it is the perfect way to create an online store. Also, it is known as an excellent option for your eCommerce when you are starting on a budget or looking for more convenient use.  


It is necessary to mention that it can be easy to start using it for an upcoming business. Still, there is a highly needed software understanding and experience to have the most extensive and profitable Shopify experience.



Advantages of Shopify 

  • It is easy and quick to use with multiple themes and designs. 
  • Has strong customer support for any doubt or inconvenience
  • It comes with a mobile version available and an app for better functionality. There’s analytics, social media sites, marketing apps that go with it, customer’s wishlists, loyalty recommendations, and even reviews. 
  • Shopify is customizable, with marketing tools and SEO. Shopify encourages the experience of online shopping, so it has powerful Search Engine Optimisation features with advanced analytics according to your business. 
  • It is secure, reliable, and comes with integrated payment gateways that protect transactions, has no fees, doesn’t require a merchant account, and even offers benefits from lower credit card fees.

Things not so great about it: 

If you want to modify your theme, you must back up your content because it can change while in the process. It isn’t as easy to use as a platform; it takes actual knowledge to work around Shopify and take all of its advantages.  

What do you need to use Shopify? 

The great thing about this platform is that it doesn’t require much. Yes, you can take a higher advantage with extensive knowledge in both Shopify and WordPress, yet, to start, you don’t need much, just a subscription, an account, and a custom Domain. Having this last thing is a recommendation, isn’t strictly required, but it’s worth it for a more serious, long-lasting online presence.

Person buying something online with a credit card

What's the difference between Shopify and WordPress?

The principal difference between Shopify and WordPress is that Shopify is an online tool or service, and WordPress is software that you need to install yourself. 


That means that for you to be able to use Shopify, you have to sign up on Shopify.com and create an account, a quick set up and the eCommerce site it’s running, but to be able to use both, or better said, use Shopify with WordPress it requires more steps, like the domain set up or the theme process. 


And a significant difference between them is that WordPress is free software when Shopify is a paid platform.

So, which is better? Shopify or WordPress?

The thing is, you don’t have to choose one against the other when the possibility of using them together is there for the benefit of your business and its eCommerce online success. It does take someone with expertise for you to use them to a higher potential. 


Now is easier than ever to add an eCommerce to a website on WordPress than use them individually. It’s common to put WordPress and Shopify in comparison and use one instead of the other, but they have made it work, and now an online store with Shopify on WordPress is possible with a plugin. 


Using Shopify and WordPress together, the site gets the trusted features, security, and complexity of Shopify with WordPress’s variety.

Facts to know about eCommerce:

  • The mobile portion of all eCommerce transactions will surpass 70% of all websites created. With mobile searches increasing, the need to have a mobile-first experience is vital for a successful business.
  • Over 40% of all websites on the internet use WordPress, including well-known entities like Microsoft, Sony, PlayStation, The New Yorker, BBC, Variety, Mercedes Benz, multiple celebrity’s official websites, and even the White House.

How to unify Shopify and WordPress step by step



If you need to become more assertive on the eCommerce market and want your brand to be effortless and successful, DNAMIC offers you the option to make it work with top talent. Contact us directly or know more about our services.

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