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A custom-built mobile app with a gamification twist & an integrated loyalty system for a unique ordering experience

About The Client

honeygrow is about thinking differently when it comes to approach, style & people. Founded in 2012 by Justin Rosenberg in Philadelphia. honeygrow brings people together over the highest quality, wholesome, simple foods.

Tired of the averageness in food and experience of much older and emerging fast-food options. Justin decided to leave the cubicle world, train in fine-dining, and pursue a life that spoke to his passion. Creating phenomenal meals through the lens of nourishing foods. honeygrow currently operates over 20 restaurants around Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City.

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The Challenge

honeygrow lacked a mobile experience to service and grow their existing ecosystems of technology solutions designed to serve customers better.


After detailed examination and analysis of the environment in collaboration with honeygrow’s management and tech team, we concluded that the missing piece was extensively more crucial than a mobile online ordering app.


This Philly restaurant chain offers a lifestyle along with its food and restaurant experience to keep clients engaged, therefore, a strategy around user experience, loyalty and gamification was vital for the success of the new solution.



The Approach

Our proposal was a holistic approach to their customers’ needs and business vision.


  • We created a mobile app to interact with their touchscreen kiosks, offer a built-in gamification experience, and tied everything together in a loyalty system to keep clients coming through the door
  • We helped honeygrow take the next step by creating a mobile iOS and Android application to integrate their excellent user experience with mobile apps and a gamification strategy tied to a loyalty program
  • Likewise, we worked closely with the client through the requirement gathering process. Partnered with the client’s Product Owner to collaborate with our team according to scrum best practices
  • Configured a continuous integration and continuous delivery framework
  • Assembled a team of iOS and Android developers, UX/UI designers, our Quality Assurance engineer and, a Scrum Master

Technologies we used


The Results

The App

UX/UI Strategy to conceptualize and implement: 

  • Wireframes
  • Functional Prototype 
  • Final design
  • Native iOS and Android Apps. 
  • Custom CMS. 

The Game

  • Concepting
  • Storyboarding
  • Prototyping
  • Music
  • Final art design
  • HTML5 programming

The Backend

  • Custom NodeJS Back-end

An iterative and incremental process that allowed the project to remain predictable through continuous client feedback

A custom-built mobile app, encompassed with a fun game and a fully integrated loyalty system, resulting in a unique ordering experience

Savings up to $90K through the implementation of a cutting-edge technology solution

Solutions Made


Mobile App


Web App



Mobile App

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