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How can automation make your life easier?

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How do you see your life in the future? Wake up, your coffee is ready, your breakfast is cooking, your clothes are picked according to the weather, and you do not waste time on things you might not like or consider boring. Automation is making that dream a reality! (At least most of it!) 

Today, many things can make your life easier, cooler, and personalized, thanks to automation. If you are not automating at least five things in your life, you are missing it out! Let us help you!

Why should you
automate your tasks?

As a concept, automation is a method that can make everything more convenient by taking care of the mundane tasks that you have to do, either every day or once in a while. It helps improve your routine and mood to do things better and more efficiently. 


Some tasks were made for automation, and until now, the technology has caught up to them.
For example, when was the last time your alarm was a clock and not your phone?

Top 5 benefits of automating

Automation should already save you time and effort. But if it’s not saving either one of those things or isn’t helping you in the day-to-day work or home environment, then there’s a chance this article will help change everything!



Time and money are defining factors of automation, but you will also find these advantages with it:

Fewer errors

Automated tasks are less likely to contain the mistakes because they are performed the same way each time they are carried out. And to error is more human than mechanical.


Results adhere to pre-determined standards and steps. The tasks that require automation usually need to be done every day, same time, in the same way.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Automation often allows users to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

Cost savings

By reducing the need for human intervention, you can redirect the costs to other necessities.


When you automate your tasks, you can focus on the things that matter most to you. You’ll have more time and energy to enjoy life and spend with the people you love.

These benefits can be seen in either work conditions or your personal life, with scheduling and home efficiency. It will depend on you and how automated you want your life.

Working with automation

There are many reasons why a business should automate; as we mentioned, automated tasks lead to fewer errors, better consistency, and increased efficiency and productivity. All of which can lead to increased success in your business and career path.   

As for what types of tasks you should automate, any repetitive job you find yourself doing daily, including data entry, reporting, scheduling, customer service, and marketing operations; if something takes up a lot of your time, it’s a candidate for automation.

7 Automation tools
to make your job easier

We encourage you to find the one that works for you and your business because workflows are unique in every company and team. Numerous ones can also help YOU as an individual to do your job (whichever it is) more manageable. It’s all about adjusting the one that works for you! 

These are only some we think you might like!


Launched in 2016 by Microsoft, Flow currently integrates with around 83 different web apps and counting. For Outlook users, this is a crucial automation tool.


Founded in 2012 from Y Combinator, Zapier takes place as a third-party connector of different web apps, currently integrating with thousands of other apps and having the possibility to do a “zap” yourself or have an expert of Zapier to help you and your business flow!
A guide to automation with Zapier


Mac users feel like batman with this tool. It’s both a hotkey tool that allows navigating interface with your keyboard rapidly and a workflow automation tool that takes care of complex tasks triggered from a hotkey.

Alfred has an extensive library of community workflows that other users have created to carry out a wide range of activities, making the possibility of you not having to build the workflow by hand!


Time to love Mondays! Workflow automation features cut out repetitive tasks and ensure that priority matters get the most attention for a better solution with the Monday automation tool.

“100% customizable and flexible to fit any workflow.”


With ClickUp, you can keep your team on task and organized. Responsibilities are assigned with a quick button, so everyone knows what they need to do next, whether a daily assignment, status, or alerts.

ClickUp can integrate with multiple business software, including Slack, Github, and even Zapier.


The Smartsheet platform is designed to make it easier for teams of all shapes and sizes worldwide to work together on projects. The company’s Excel-style interface means you can create your own spreadsheet or use one that was prebuilt just for what kind of task at hand.

SmartSheet links with many business-level solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, and Salesforce Connector.

Try SmartSheet for free.

Boomi Flow

You can turn your flow diagrams into fully-functional apps and publish automation with a single click. Boomi Flow is built for flexibility – it runs on any device or platform so that users can collaborate in real-time from anywhere!

An automation-inspirational video for you!

Ready to automate your life?

Automation is there for you too, when it comes to your personal life! It can help you ease so many things, inspire you, and free you from a routine.  

In this fast-forwarding digital era, we deal with automation more than we think, with our phones, smart TVs, speed up software on our computers, and even our fridges can make our grocery list and text it to us.  

Automation is there for us to take advantage of it, and we should!

Daily automation
to make your life easier

Don’t make it harder for yourself; automate your home and your life and discover the gift of having time in your hands.

Voice automation assistants

Voice assistants are growing in popularity with each passing day. In less than a year, it was reported that over 1 million people use voice AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do their work or find information about anything they need on-demand without having too many interactions.  

From Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Cortana and even the less famous Samsung’s Bixby, people are increasing to not only love but need voice assistants to continue their day to day.
What is voice recognition automation?
Simply stated, voice recognition technology interacts and responds to human beings’ instructions when detected and interprets spoken words to find efficient results to their demands.  

PC voice recognition was first designed, but smartphone integration and growing use have become more accessible in homes, offices, and on the move.  

Intelligent Voice Assistant in Python

Cleaning Devices

There are many automated cleaning devices on the market these days, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There is a device to suit everyone’s needs, from robot vacuums that clean your floors for you to window cleaners that can take care of your glass surfaces with ease.


One great thing about automated cleaning devices is that they can be programmed to clean at specific times or on a schedule. This means that you can set them up to clean while you are at work or asleep and come home to a clean house with minimal effort.

Another benefit of these devices is that they often come with sensors that allow them to avoid obstacles and furniture. No more dragging cleaning day for you!

Pet-friendly automation

Pet automation devices are becoming increasingly popular as adopting a fur friend became a salvation aid for people in the pandemic.


One of the most popular pet automation devices is the automatic feeder, which you can program to dispense food at specific times throughout the day. This is ideal for pet owners who are out at work all day or travel frequently.


There are also many devices available that can help you keep an eye on your pets when you are not at home. Pet cameras allow you to check in on your animals and ensure that they are safe and sound, while pet location trackers can be used to find lost animals.

Home Security

Home security is another area where automation has impacted people’s lives. Several companies are now offering home security systems that you can control remotely via smartphones or tablets. These systems allow you to keep an eye on your home when you are not there and also use them to control things like the lights and temperature.   Some home security systems even come with facial recognition technology, identifying intruders and starting the alarm. Being safe has never been easier. A smart device for every room?

Lights and thermostats

Home lighting and thermostat automation are two of the most popular types of automation for homeowners. Both of these systems can be controlled remotely, which means that you can adjust the temperature and lights in your home no matter where you are. Home lighting automation can be used to manage the brightness and mood of a room, and it can also be used to save energy.


Thermostat automation is also a great way to keep your home comfortable while saving money on your energy bills. You can control the thermostat, like the lighting, from home or anywhere else from your phone. 

Even architecture agrees!

Online shopping

Many different automation tools can be your best shop advisor! Knowledgeable shopping bots can find the best deals for you on various sites, re-arrange you to the quality and location that works for you, and even show you different price comparison websites to assist you in finding the lowest prices for what you want.


Shopping online can be personalized for your needs and wants, from software that tells you where coupons are available for sales and better prices to booking a hotel room on a date that you need.


The 10 top automation devices for homes.

Ask, and you shall receive

These are only a few examples of how automation can make your life easier. Whether you are looking for a way to save time or simply make your life more convenient, there is an automation solution out there for you. So, why not give it a try? You may be surprised at just how much difference it can make.

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