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Top 10 areas where to automate your business

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Has your business taken the next step into the future? Automating your business can help improve efficiency and productivity and open new doors toward innovation! There are many different ways to do so; if you can think about it, it can probably be automated!  

This article will show you different areas where automation can benefit your business!

Automation as we know it

If we want to be technical about it, automation in business has been around for centuries. The first known example of automation in a company was using a water wheel to power a loom in 1784. Since then, automation has been used in various areas, from manufacturing to retail to healthcare, and now we see it (and even not see it) in our everyday life; the possibilities are expanding with every second it passes.

Thanks to automation and robotics, society is taking a giant leap into the future, from telling our coffeemaker to make coffee before waking up to self-running cars. 

We entrust automation software with our future and present development; we build with it for the next generations.

What is automation?

As a concept, automation is technology to perform tasks usually done by humans.   

There has been a surge in automation in recent years due to advances in technology and its evident benefits, such as saving more time and money. It’s impossible to find an industry that won’t benefit from automation, for example:

Introducing automation at work

Busy work is not productive work.

The first type requires very little creativity or talent, while the second produces satisfying outcomes that help businesses thrive and put employees in a good mood.

It’s no secret that there’s an important difference between productive activities and those just plain old busy. We have all done it, spending hours doing things we could quickly do if our minds weren’t woolgathering away into thin air! 

But that has a reason because our minds are made to be challenged and to create; there’s where automation comes into play; thanks to it, those tedious tasks are no longer a worry. And our creativity and innovation are free-er than ever.

The big question: Why Automate?

Quick and simple: To do more with less.

Businesses from all industries successfully implemented BPA, which has helped produce newer, more exciting products and services thanks to the time spared from automation and the money saved from it. 

There’s also something satisfying about knowing your company, its future, and your goals can be achieved thanks to the technology itself. Automation’s like a rocketship toward new constellations-exciting and futuristic.

10 ways automation
can fit in your business


Data entry

Data entry is one of the most common automated tasks in business.   These processes can be automated using software that captures and stores data from forms, images, or other sources. Once the data is captured, you can transfer it to a database or spreadsheet for further processing.   Technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are revolutionizing how businesses perform, leaving space for employees to focus on better, more challenging tasks that improve their careers and the company itself.
Automated data entry removes monotonous tasks from human staff, resulting in greater productivity with rock-solid accuracy. A life (and time) saver at the end of the day.


Order processing

Order processing can be automated using software that tracks orders and processes them according to the company’s workflow. Using an automated order processing software system is clear; it minimizes human error and ensures customer satisfaction.   The use cases for these technologies keep expanding, which means you can get even more value out there by implementing something like ORPS (order processing systems). These tasks can include billing, shipping, or even support customer service.
We will see Automation Centers of Excellence that help automate tasks by taking away human costs in the upcoming years. This will also help with sustainability and growth as these CoEs can be used to expand the reach of RPA.


Customer service

The famous chatbots and quick replays! Customer service can be automated using live chat software, allowing customers to get help from a live agent without picking up the phone. If done well, the result of a collaborative procedure like this should be a success.   

Automation in customer services allows the companies to reinforce sales, marketing, reputation, and product/service quality.  



Automation in marketing has elevated the game! It helps businesses with range and response, allowing them to grow faster. The automation software used in these cases supports their marketing activities, such as email marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, etc.   

It’s the dream automation for businesses where you want to give your human talent time and money to explore their creativity without worrying about pesky, repetitive tasks.



Automation software is excellent support for sales processes, such as prospecting and proposal generation. It goes hand-in-hand with branding and focused marketing, allowing your business to grow without the added hassle of sending confirmation and delivery details. 

Automation tools like EngageBay or Pipedrive make processes more agile so you can focus on other important tasks while still meeting your clients’ needs!



Since the calculator, we can say we have counted on numeric automation. Still, technology has progressed since the dawn of VisiCalc and Excel, going so far from that now that accounting automation software is vital to keep tasks such as invoicing, expense reporting, and bookkeeping.  

A few options in this automation area are used, like Robotic process automation (RPA) and Optical character recognition (OCR), which is focused on scans and digitized physical documents.


Human resources

Human resources teams are responsible for many things, from recruiting to onboarding to training. And while there’s no doubt that human resources professionals are experts in their field, they can’t do it all alone. 

Fortunately, several different software programs can automate some of the more time-consuming tasks, including:


Automated recruiting software can help human resources teams post job listings to multiple job boards with just a few clicks. It can also help to screen candidates and track applications.

Employee Onboarding:

Onboarding software can help human resources teams automate the onboarding process, from sending out welcome emails to providing new employees with access to the company’s systems and files and even organizing such data.

Data Analysis and Risk Management:

Data analysis software can help human resources teams spot trends and identify potential risks. It can also help forecast staffing needs, track employee performance, and improve possible talent attraction.

Employee Training:

The training software can help human resources teams create and deliver training modules electronically. It can also help track employee progress and leave the specialist in the human resources team to bring the magic of onboarding and training.



Automation software is IT’s right hand! They help businesses automate server administration, network management, and security. This can save time and money and enable enterprises to keep their systems up and running. 

IT tools are created to integrate various digital tools through workflow automation from multiple sources. 

There are tools and processes such as Workload Automation, Batch Process automation, Big Data Automation, Business Process Automation, Enterprise Automation, Digital Process Automation, and Robotic Process Automation.



One of the first industries to use automation has proven its efficiency and cruciality to development as a business.   

Some key advantages include increased productivity and accuracy in manufacturing functions without human intervention, leading to higher quality products and better safety for employees!


Supply chain and retail

Supply chain automation software can help businesses automate their operations, such as order management, warehouse management, and transportation management.   

Retail automation software can affect customer loyalty and inventory management, saving time and money and promoting enterprises to manage their retail operations in a more effective way.

Shaping our society with automation

Every sector is attempting to digitalize its operations to remain competitive and keep up with the future. 

These are examples of how automation plays a significant part when we need human talent in specific areas and tasks. It allows professionals in the health, education, or government branch to focus properly on what others rely on.


Healthcare and government

Automation software supports healthcare processes such as patient records, billing, and appointment scheduling. Many doctor’s offices use automation at the front desk, where patients can check in without interacting with a receptionist or sign the necessary forms electronically.

Where health, hygiene, and agility are highly cherished, automation has been key to evolving these areas for the better. 
Usual automation advantages like time and effectiveness provide better treatments and support doctors’ additional tools for analyzing, diagnosing, and treating their patients.  

Automation software in government usually works just as it does in health. It takes on the ineffective task of humans to overcome and save time, deadlines, and money-saving with processes like licensing, permits, and compliance.



Technology plays an essential role in the post-COVID world by allowing classes to be held anywhere. Automation in education involves grading, organizing, and assigning homework, quizzes, and tests.


It has also helped educators provide students with a quality learning experience; whether they are attending or taking it remotely, inventiveness and efficiency have grown thanks to the pressure to do so, and automation has been vital. 

Now, more doors have opened, and education has taken a turn faster and more ingenious than we would have foreseen, helping educators and students in their learning process and supporting their mental health and creativity.


Hospitality and travel

Automation in hospitality applies to tourism in ways that have made reservations, check-in/check-out, tours, and guest management more accessible and straightforward than ever. 

It works as well in booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, travel agents, GPS, accommodations, and touristic recommendations.

The last automation-recommendation

Automation is undeniably the tool you need in industries of all kinds, from manufacturing to hospitality and tourism. If you want to enhance your business efficiency, automation is the answer.

Do you want to know more about how automation can be a success? Follow our blog or read more about us!  

Join the revolution and get your efficient, epic business going!

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