March 17, 2022 –

Is Functionize the new asset for QA automation?

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QA Testing enters the automatization era with Functionize

Every software development team has its process, workflows, and tools to get the job done. But no matter what your approach is, there’s a good chance that Functionize can help make it faster and more efficient. This blog post will highlight some of Functionize best features and how DNAMIC has joined them to automate the future for the best with a partnership.


Functionize has taken on being the disruptive force in automatization testing and the reference for it in the industry. Its undeniable impact is recognized worldwide as its services claim their position as the next step in technology and business.

Functionize and automation software testing

This California-based business created a platform that allows understanding interfaces with unprecedented precision. It identifies each element and combines digital traces to produce an accurate composite model that comprehends its full capability.


They allow for a more efficient way of running tests and catching errors early in the development process.


Functionize is committed to making the world of software testing more automatized, and with partnerships like ours, they are one step closer to that goal.


DNAMIC chose to turn to automation software testing because we have always wanted to create the future we believe in and offer all industries the highest quality digital transformations.


This partnership allows our business to propose the best software testing available. With these tools, software developers can quickly catch errors, save time, and prevent mistakes in the long run. And obviously, launch their development quicker.


Our talented team can work along with tools that support the functionality of their interface, assuring the best outcome. Every run is studied and healed thanks to Functionize. This is because the platform knows how UI truly works, and the engine’s capacity tracks back to the origin of a test failure, which is one of its most sophisticated features and a great appeal of its success.


Functionize uses its knowledge of previous test runs and test processes to resolve the errors. It presents suggestions to fix common failures, so we can intuitively resolve the issues with three levels of adaptation. One option is the individual test; another is a whole application one, or the choice of a global level where the engine learns how UI’s work and effectively becomes an expert in UI/UX design most suitable practices.


This is especially vital in complicated systems, such as web applications, where data changes and external factors can cause test failures.


Automatization is revolutionizing the world, and Functionize created a process like never seen before. It is the first AI-powered test automation platform to offer autonomous features, such as SmartFix, Self Heal, and Live Debug.


Functionize reconnects product teams, developers, and quality engineers by helping them experience the testing process. The SaaS platform provides developers with an easy way to write tests in plain English, converting them into configurable code. Natural language processing enables them to do so without having any technical knowledge of what they are typing or clicking on – even though you would never know from looking at your screen!


DNAMIC and QA Automation

We began as Mobile Specialists in 2014, providing cutting-edge mobile app development services, especially to the NY market, as part of our Software Development Solutions.

Time has passed since then, and we have become an on-rising authority in technology and digital business transformation worldwide. We are a Costa Rica-based company that has recognized dedication to excellence for our clients and partners as a strength; and the happiness of our people and teams as a unique selling point against other alternatives in the market.

We want to deliver great products where all parties’ fulfillment and encouragement push forward this goal of innovation and distinction. Innovation through new tools such as Functionize and its QA Testing automation properties is always a great match for how we envision the future.

We take the processes as a priority, not only the result. We search for partnerships that follow that method, supporting that ideology and elevating our product and services to continue growing and reaching new heights.

You can continue reading on our success cases or services for better knowledge of our type of work and join us in building the best one automatization a day!

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