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How to have clean code and happy developers

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There is code for happiness

The happy-productive worker thesis posits that content employees are more productive. And studies keep coming up that in software engineering, many professionals within the industry advocate for workers’ happiness to optimize productivity. However, unlimited happiness can be a cost-effective element for your business. Are you going to take the investment?


A recent study found that nearly half of all software developers are unhappy with their jobs. This is not surprising, given the high levels of stress and workload that are often associated with the profession. 


Nonetheless, it is surprising that the latest studies found that most software developers do not seek help for their job-related problems. This suggests that awareness needs to be extra sharp from an employee’s perspective. 

Coding joy

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by frequent positive experiences such as pleasure, satisfaction, or joy. Being unhappy is the opposite.


Work isn’t usually, or lately, related to happy thoughts. It’s more of a stress-anxious trigger, more on the unhappy scale. Yet, we believe it shouldn’t be.

Why should something that takes so much time in your life make you unhappy?

A happy culture can lead to increased productivity, improved communication, and better working relationships. In addition, a happy culture can reduce the likelihood of job burnout and anxiety.

If you are interested in creating a happier work environment, there are several things you can do.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the technology industry has some of the highest turnover rates in the US.

Software Developers turnover rate in the US

Approximately 57,3%

While locating a trustworthy development team may be difficult, the challenge continues beyond there. Once you find the perfect group for your business, other IT recruiters will try to steal them away with irresistible offers.

Talent retention takes work

It’s more than delivering a happy environment for viable happy developers. Your employees want to feel like they have a say and that their voices are heard. Every decision you make will impact them directly, so why not restructure your business for your collaborators to be happy?


Presume that you want to show that talent is appreciated and value their opinions. In that case, you must take heed of feedback and make it part of your operations.


When your developers are in the midst of a project, it’s essential to give them creative freedom to discover solutions to complex problems and be a strong asset for your business.


As a leader and boss, you must provide an opportunity for enrichment. With improved benefits, support, and options on the table, you’re more likely to keep hold of your current employees while also attracting new ones.

Work shouldn't be home

But it shouldn’t make you feel like you’re setting foot onto a landmine, either.

Beyond benefits and efforts, any company can offer more money. To have loyalty, you need to bring quality projects and teams that support each other.

Coming into work shouldn’t make you feel like you’re setting foot on a landmine. The way people treat each other and the attitudes they experience from those around them will affect their mindset. Including how they perform and how much they want to stay.

No one wants to work in an environment where they feel defensive or uncomfortable for eight hours a day. And they shouldn’t.


It’s not home, but it should feel like it.

High demand, higher effort

It’s no news since we started using the internet- developers are in high demand in any business. That’s why they care more about being a culture fit than many other things.

What does that mean?

As a business, you need to see a developer like you see technology. It’s none stopping and needs the challenge to grow. If you have the best, you will have the finest results, and you should always be willing to work with it with respect and treasure it.

Developers want to be stimulated by creativity, not waste their time on repetitive tasks and boring projects- that’s what automation is for.


If you want your collaborators to stay happy and content in their positions, give them exciting and meaningful work.

Test the quality of this code too!

Happiness needs a bit of work- sadness comes more freely.


Symptoms of job burnout and anxiety can include depression, fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Assume you are experiencing any of these symptoms (or seeing them in your business). In that case, it is crucial to change your mental balance and continue growth in your career.


Building a culture that cares is not that hard- keep reading for more recommendations and how we work daily to make a happy culture our reality.

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