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Clean code in 5 minutes

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How does one become a ’10x engineer?’ The software industry is infatuated with the idea of these types of engineers who are supposedly ten times better than those around them, but how does someone become that talented?

If you are seen as a successful developer is most likely because you write clean, sharp, effective code. That type of code is easy to read and maintain so that your team can work quickly and efficiently.

5 minutes to get better as a developer

In the software development world, clean code is vital- it’s almost what is all about. 

These are the best 8 things you can do to enhance yourself and your code:


Write as much as you can

Being a better developer is mainly up to you. Practice does make perfect, and it’s your job to improve your weaknesses and hone your craft.

Writing with passion at work can be a great way to improve your skills and development. Write code, and write as much as you can. Great programmers write not only code that works but code that exceeds expectations- theirs and their clients.

How to make writing great? Do it three times over.

  • {The first draft rarely works well – that’s for you. Writing that software is to prove to yourself that the solution works}
  • {The second time is to check if it works}
  • {The third is to have clean code that you know works right}
This tactic allows a “make it better” personal workflow. Throwing away code and starting over can be a powerful habit.


Read as much as you can

You need to keep on learning in this non-stop industry. Writing code only gets better if you don’t stay with what you know. After all, code is the language we use to communicate with computers. The better you understand it, the better you can create it.

Read- read other code, read updates, read trends and books even. This will allow you to see how other experienced developers write and learn new programming languages and concepts.

Finally, remember to brush up on your technical documentation reading skills.

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Keep passion projects

Reflect on your passion with some projects. Why not spend a few months working on an open-source personal project to learn and grow? Being a software developer is almost synonymous with being self-taught. The most significant growth spurts come from taking on education by and from yourself.
3 recommendations for your journey.
Asks yourself the following:
  • Do you have a plan?
  • How would you test your project? 
  • Would automated builds be beneficial? 
Trust yourself and trust the process!

Passion encourages

a better version of you and what you do!


Work closely with other developers

You can learn new coding techniques by working with more experienced developers or getting feedback on your code from your peers. If you’re lucky enough to find a mentor or have the possibility to mentor, you will see how learning and growth come in all types of opportunities.

So take advantage of opportunities to work with other developers and challenge yourself to improve.


Stay healthy

Yes, that is obvious and easy. When your work demands so many hours at the computer, sitting, staying healthy, hydrated, well fed, sleeping enough hours, and exercising, can become a challenge.

As a developer, taking care of your mind and body is the best way to see results in your improvement.

Exercise, for example, is one of the best ways to do that. Pick the one you like the most like running, swimming, yoga, lifting, dancing, and even walking can make the difference.

Staying active has all sorts of benefits for your brain. Plus, it can indirectly help you in many other ways, like improving your mood and sleep and reducing stress and anxiety.

All of these things are crucial for healthy cognitive function. So if you want to be a good developer, stay healthy!


Care for techniques,

not just tools

In software, there are always new tools to learn. But it’s important to remember that it’s not just the tools that matter- it’s also the techniques.

Techniques are the ways you approach problems and solve them. They’re the methods you use to write clean code, design efficient algorithms, and debug tricky bugs. And while tools can help you do these things, they’re not nearly as important as the techniques you apply to these.


Don't neglect communication skills

As a software developer, you spend most of your time working with code. But it’s important to remember that software development is a team sport, which means communication is crucial.

Communicating effectively is essential for success, whether you’re working with other developers or non-technical stakeholders. After all, if you can’t explain your code or ideas, how will you ever get anything done?

Fortunately, communication skills are something you can learn and practice! So if you feel you could be better at communication, don’t worry- there’s always room for improvement.

There are plenty of resources, including books, articles, and online courses. Then, put what you’ve learned into practice by communicating with your team more often. The more you do it, the easier it will become.

And before you know it, you’ll be a master communicator- and a better software developer.

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Mind the structure

Following a structure and caring about it, in most cases, will allow you to add some new features to the existing application. Following and respecting a created establishment will encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to improve your code.

This will help you avoid breaking something that already works and will make adding new features that work well with the existing code easier. By taking the time to understand the code before you start writing, you’ll be able to work better as a developer and help your team create a better product.

Did it take you 5 minutes?

No? Of course not! Becoming a better developer, or writing the cleanest code ever, won’t happen in five minutes or overnight. It requires effort, adapting to new things, and the will to become better and follow these recommendations to see results.

Perfection doesn’t exist but trying to reach will always teach you things and make you grow!

If you are the type of developer that believes that, you are on the path to becoming the best software developer you can be!

Remember that the most important part of becoming a better developer is to enjoy the process and have fun doing it. After all, software development is a fantastic field full of possibilities. So embrace it, and never stop learning!

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