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Being prepared costs nothing! Nearshore obstacles and how to tackle them!

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To ensure successful nearshore implementation, companies must comprehend and apply measures designed to combat any challenges.

Nearshoring most common challenges

By taking the time to research and understand the potential nearshoring beforehand, businesses can ensure successful nearshore implementation and look forward to increased savings, flexibility, and reliability. Proper preparation can open up opportunities for companies of all sizes to easily reach their development goals.
1. Language barriers

To ensure successful nearshore implementation, it’s essential to address any potential language barriers as soon as possible. When communication challenges arise in nearshoring projects, a good project or delivery manager is vital to ensure the quality of the software. The processes and methods implemented by the development team must be clearly defined and agreed upon to provide clarity.

Miscalculations are inevitable since it is practically impossible to deduce the true meaning of facial expressions, body language, or questions in a conversation with any degree of accuracy and finesse. 

Unfortunately, communication issues tend to become more prevalent when deadlines dominate. A change in tone often follows suit, resulting from technical, language, and cultural differences in the team. By understanding these potential conflicts, you can anticipate and even prevent them.

Clear and concise communication plus translation and interpretation support can help bridge language gaps while also helping to build better relationships with nearshore teams. That is why you must keep cultural differences in mind, especially regarding large power distances.

2. Cultural differences

Understanding and embracing cultural differences can combat miscommunication and conflict. Also, nearshore teams are remotely assembled with internal and external teams. The whole development squad can be sourced from that country while having a project director and/or CTO based at home.

3. Time zone challenges

Like communicating with a friend who moved to the other side of the globe, it’s not surprising that talking will be shortened by the differences in hours. Also, more extended space between conversations and even possible delays in the message. 

That is why nearshoring offers a possibility of avoiding those possible obstacles, making immediate communication, and strengthening bonds.

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4. High employee attrition rates

In nearshoring, companies offering this service need to ensure that the talent is appropriately resourced and that there are clear measures for employee retention. Meaning that the collaborators are passionate and happy, not only experienced and available. 

When morale drops, the quality of work does as well, and it’s only a matter of time before employees begin to depart. No matter the group, it is essential to assemble a team that carries enthusiasm and strives for a unified objective.

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Preparing for success in the tech industry

Professionals are already familiar with the tech stack you’re working with. It can help speed up the learning curve, allowing rapid onboarding and shorter timelines once the project commences.

Adapting requirements and product vision on the fly can often cause shifts in the balance between time, costs, and quality/performance. 

The only way to keep nearshoring projects from sinking – or worse, toppling over – is to anticipate these changes, prepare, and adjust priorities while still meeting your specified objectives.

What changes can be made for success? – Our final verdict is...

The key to successful nearshoring is all about preparation and foresight. 

From understanding your team’s cultural differences to having clear goals and objectives, the more you plan ahead, the better your chance of success. Keeping employee morale high, tackling time zone challenges head-on, and building an effective communication system is also essential.

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