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Costa Rica is your sustainability nearshoring choice

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Overview of nearshoring to Costa Rica

It’s no secret that the tech industry is booming. Open positions for developers and project managers are plentiful. As a result, companies are competing for the best and brightest talent. However, with such a competitive market, how can you ensure that you are retaining the top talent you’ve worked so hard to recruit?

The answer lies in the recruiting process itself. Costa Rica has been dubbed the “Switzerland of Central America” for its liberal economic and sustainable models, strong management systems, and high-tech infrastructure. With a solid history of providing quality services to businesses worldwide, Costa Rica has quickly becomes one of the top choices for nearshoring sustainability operations, given its commitment to clean energy sources and renewable energy investments.

For CFOs seeking lucrative investment options or CEOs researching targeted market expansions, leveraging this pristine oasis in Central America as an offshoring location could prove an invaluable asset.

Benefits of nearshoring in Costa Rica

With a population known for its high ethical standards and abiding by legal regulations, you can be confident that your nearshore operations will remain safe and secure.


Second, Costa Rica is ideal as the government is highly supportive. The country ranks high on the ease of doing business index and offers special tax incentives to foreign investors.


Finally, nearshoring in Costa Rica promises an ample supply of skilled professionals with extensive industry knowledge, creative problem-solving abilities, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving technology landscape.


With its unique combination of solid infrastructure, reliable workforce, and support from the government – nearshoring to Costa Rica is one of the most innovative choices your business can make!


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Nearshore sustainability

Costa Rica is already ahead of the curve with its already-established offshore industry. It’s not about stretching resources beyond the capacity of what Mother Nature can provide but striking the perfect balance between sustainable growth, biodiversity, and technology.


This small country occupies 0.034% of the global landmass yet boasts 6% of the world’s biodiversity, a near-miraculous achievement by any standards. Even more remarkable is that 50% of its territory is covered by forests making this gem of a nation ideal for nearshoring companies looking to embrace nature-based innovation and stride on Mother Nature’s presents. 


Sustainability is essential when nearshoring due to its impacts on the environment and economy. It can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint by taking advantage of renewable energy sources while promoting job creation and economic growth in the nearshore region. Additionally, nearshoring saves businesses by avoiding expensive transportation costs associated with offshoring and eliminating potential delays due to time zone differences.


If you need proof that Costa Rica nearshoring works, just look at the 25 RE100 companies already operating in the country.From getting access to a cost-effective and highly skilled workforce to taking advantage of the country’s abundant renewable energy sources, nearshoring in Costa Rica can offer your business plenty of benefits.


Sustainability should be a key part of any nearshoring decision, helping companies achieve their goals while providing access to experienced professionals at an economical rate.


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