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Money as an instrument of internal change

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In a world where we think everything moves and works by and for money, we tend to have many misconceptions about life. Several come from what we are taught as children. 


These beliefs are often joined by comments like: How awful are rich people! Or money changes people; money makes people petty! Better be poor and humble than rich and dreadful. 


With these words pounding in our heads since childhood, we grow to unconsciously believe that that’s correct and is what we should think and do. But what happens when our mindset shifts?

Money can be an instrument of change

But what does that mean? What comes into your mind when you say that statement? 


Is wealth? Dreams coming true? Stability? Achievement? 


Money can allow us to do so much and materialize our vision of the world and everything we dream and want for us and those who surround us. But one thing must be clear when we think about money: it will only enhance who we already are. 


So from that fact, that reminder that money will only help us become a more intense version of ourselves, we have to do an internal introspective analysis and see what we are, who we are, and question if we like what we see. Money will bring out to light everything, both the good and the bad. And it’s our responsibility to be self-conscious and take advantage of this possibility and magnify ourselves for the better. 


Just as we work and educate to grow and get money, we have to learn to be better people. Be a balanced, reasonable, empathic person that the power of money won’t break or poison.

Abundance is a Mindset

If we live in an environment where money is limited, there tend to be unpleasant situations fueled by tension, depression, vice, and all those blooming problems that come through when there’s a lack of income. With conditions like that, where you or your loved ones are against the wall, the question is: is money that important? 


This question can throb on our mind continually against any breath of positivism and corrupt hope and weaken us. The easy path is to give into that. 


However, if the situation is challenging, but you are working hard, fighting to improve yourself, become better, and find those doors and open them, things start to change. When the income starts to show up as a constant, you see how the possibilities increase, and you can now achieve, or get, certain things you couldn’t before. 


That fact, ideally, should be humbling, invite you to be grateful, and impulse you to grow even more. Embracing wealth can be the shift of mentality. When you start working towards opportunities, fullness, goals, everything you want should start feeling closer and more possible.  


Money brings relief, brings balance, and clarity towards paths and goals. But if you have the wealth, you have the check and the bank account steady. We ask again, Is money that important? What would be your answer now? 


And it’s okay to be proud; progress should never shame you. But have your priorities changed? Do you ask yourself now: what are the things that really matter? 


Money should always be a tool for change. The more money you have, the more chances you have, and the exponential possibilities to make changes appear. 


But with more money comes different things you should keep in mind: 


Surround yourself with the right people. Highly functional people with good values, the kind of people who contribute to your journey. It will help if you learn to capture their ways, knowledge, vision of the world, good habits, and thoughts that can provide the impulse to make a difference. Whether small or at a large scale, changes generate impact. A good influence is just the beginning. Learn, copy the things that can work for you and try to improve them, discern what is good and what is wrong, and discard those things that do not go with your values, and finally try to enhance those behaviors with habits that stick to your beliefs and your view of the world.


Improvement comes from within. Let’s look into the eyes of those weaknesses we have and commit to working on them constantly. Earning money is not only the result of working hard day by day, but it is making the right internal changes that lead us to be more genuine, better professionals and develop the ability to use money as an agent of change.

Constantly redefine the way of working and making decisions. Explore and analyze how you work, and establish if the methods you have give the desired results in all aspects of your priorities.

Pave the route to Success

In a world where many people achieve success and make a real impact, sometimes the doubt and uncertainty strikes, and you find yourself asking: why not me? Why can’t I be next? 


But, what is stopping you? 


Nothing holds us back more than our thoughts. If we desire to achieve all we dream and think about, we have to ask ourselves instead of why, how?


How can I positively affect or influence my environment?


Worthwhile things take time and patience. We live in a world of immediacy, in the fail fast and fix, but for what’s worth it, and is going to be truly lasting, that thought is useless. We need to arm ourselves with courage and resilience to achieve everything we have our minds set on. 


We must do it because no one else is going to do it for us.  


It is very easy to give up because the road is difficult. We have to test ourselves and have determination constantly. The key is always to do things that are important to you, that motivate you, that have an impact either for 1 or 100 people, but that generate value, and most importantly, that generate value for you.

You have the Power

Get the money, sit down and create the rules of how you want to live your life and build your path. 


Decide to see money for what it is, a tool that will give you the possibility to build the world you want, always put your vision of the world outside, and never forget where you come from and where you want to go.


Do not judge. Everyone has a vision, a journey, and their time in this life. Respecting that is where balance and equity matter. Diversity is what creates a fairer world, and that way, the power of change will come to everyone who wants to take it.


Resources you can check 


Work Optional by Tanja Hester

The Year of Less by Cait Flanders

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam

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