February 10, 2022 –

DNAMIC’s Year In Review On Clutch for 2021

At DNAMIC, we provide the technologies, talent, and strategy to ensure your digital transformation initiatives are built to deliver real value. We are a full-service nearshore outsourcing firm specializing in Mobile and Web development for clients in the US and Europe. We are leveraging every lesson we learned along the way in the tech and design fields. Our primary focus is delivering game-changing business solutions to our clients.


With that said, we are proud to share with you our 2021 Year In Review on Clutch. If you’re not familiar with Clutch, it’s a B2B platform that helps firms across the globe connect with the solution providers they need to improve effectiveness and increase productivity.


In 2021, we recorded a perfect 5-Star rating average on the reviews we received on Clutch. These highly-rated reviews mean our clients are satisfied with the work we provide. We also recorded high ratings on our NPS scores, which refers to clients’ willingness to recommend us. It’s heartwarming to receive high NPS scores, as this means a lot to us in getting our brand known in the industry.


We are also excited to share another achievement we got in 2021 when we were considered a leading app developer in San Jose, Costa Rica, by Clutch. We attribute this success to our wonderful clients and partners. Without them, we wouldn’t be here where we are today.


“An award from Clutch means a lot to DNAMIC’s reputation, and it also helps us cement our credibility globally.” – Arturo García, Co-Founder & CEO, DNAMIC

May this new year be filled with exciting projects, adventures, and opportunities for all of us! Get the best results with a team of specialists dedicated to your business. Contact us now.


DNAMIC Clutch review

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