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About The Client

RealGreen Systems is a software development company located in Walled Lake, Michigan. They are the creators of Service Assistant®, the all-in-one field management software for businesses, which has helped many companies manage their workflow and improve their service.

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How often have you been in that situation where you immediately connect with someone, that person understands your pain points, and that makes you feel good? Well, that's how all our Staff Augmentation relationships start.

The Challenge
RealGreen was open to searching for nearshoring services that fit their workflow, goals, and expectations but struggled to find a nearby company to help them with web development and quality assurance services while meeting their budget and timelines.


Main Goals
The objective for RealGreen was to provide good, experienced specialists that could fulfill their budget and timeline with 100% retention and stability.

Our Approach
To deliver skilled professionals that meet their requirements and deliver successful projects from beginning to end.

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Staff Augmentation relationships start with an understanding between both parties involved to bring their A-game every time they work together.

The Results

DNAMIC was able to offer the best fit based on their pressing needs, and since then, we’ve grown into 13 developers & QA with a 100% retention so far! We’ve had great success working with RealGreen, and we’re excited to continue our partnership.

In this case, study, discover more about our ability to find professional talent with technical skills and within your budget.

Case study

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