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Building an iPad app and the technology to funnel prospects effectively - A Manual to automation business success story.

About The Client

Founded in 1912 by Georges Monin, this family-owned business was recognized for its creativity and innovation. After his passing, his son took over and changed their niche of wine production to focus on syrup making. His legacy kept growing until eventually opening operations in Florida, where they are now based.

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They no longer worry about a lack of internet access! An offline UX/UI focused-strategy checked all their needs and opened a new door for the sales representatives!

The Challenge
The process of collecting information from prospects can be time-consuming and laborious. MONIN needed a functioning structure for their logistics to keep growing their networking productively and avoid loss of valuable information in a manual-like procedure.


Main Goals
DNAMIC set to create a tablet application that would automate information processing, increase productivity, and create a portal for data through SDKs (Software Development Kits) to give representatives and salespeople the necessary tools to reach their goals.

Our Approach
We took an offline-first strategy for the app that allows users to take advantage of all features without depending on an internet connection. This UX/UI revision also helped identify issues in our technical process, which led us to refine and increase predictability by milestone deliveries.

Technologies we used

Tablet with app loaded

Like this case, an operational, modern structure for logistics can help expand your business and develop networking productively!

The Results

After our team created a new prototype and visual proposal, we took it from an unclear wireframe-like user interface to polished software. We redefined all screens to have an intuitive experience using this app and created emails that represented what they wanted out of their business and its branding.

Read in this study case how we redefine and polish their screen experiences while making the process personal with MONIN's unique iconography on every detail possible.


Case study

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