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Achieving optimal performance and increasing revenue in the food online ordering world.

About The Client

When Harry Luby opened his first cafeteria in Texas, called New England Dairy Lunch, Bob Luby was one year old. Making owning a restaurant and providing quality customer service, his birthright. Forty-nine restaurants later, the Luby family continues to grow strong and serve millions every year.


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PC with lubbys site loaded

We helped Luby's solve its problems by creating a more versatile e-commerce website.

The Challenge
Luby’s unpredictable and complicated order-processing site questioned its reputation and efficiency. Their site crashed with traffic increase, customers astray in the slow purchase process, and an overall bad user experience.


Main Goals
Luby’s needed a creative and successful approach to resolving performance difficulties and improving the user experience.


Our Approach
DNAMIC’s strategy was to optimize the infrastructure resources and networking configurations.

Bring real-time support for in-production issues.

Create a holistic QA strategy to analyze the current state of the platform.

Run a thorough stress testing to explore the performance of the site.

Optimize current infrastructure to handle more traffic.

iPhones with lubbys app

Luby’s reached an increase of $200k in online sales and a much better user experience for the customers.

The Results

We focused on user experience under stress testing conditions before finally optimizing the existing infrastructure. They could take hot traffic on the site, increase their sales and grow as a business even further!

If you’re interested in how we help their business reach more sales in the e-commerce world, you can read about all this in this case study!


Case study

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