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Empowering Sales through design. A more efficient and attractive digital catalog for Discovery Channel’s sales teams.

About The Client

Discovery Channel is the global leader in real-life content, with productions that inspire, inform and entertain. Its revenue amounted to 10.67 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Discovery currently offers 364 television channels in 45 different languages. Its sales team locates across nine offices around the world.


The company’s portfolio of premium brands includes different people’s passions, such as Adventure & Exploration, Travel, Home, Food, Lifestyle & Families, Sports, Mysteries & Investigation, Wildlife, Science, and Direct-to-Consumer channels, among others.

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80% of people remember what they see, compared to 20% who remember what they read.

The Challenge
Their production sales catalog was limited and unfriendly. It had an out-of-date appearance and layout, making it challenging to browse and use.


Main Goals
The project’s ultimate aim was for Discovery Video Production Collection’s to be seen digitally and enrich sales by providing quicker, more engaging access.

Our Approach
We wanted to design an appealing, modern take that was simple yet powerful.

Main Goals

The DNAMIC team quickly drew a plan out of every step needed to support Discovery’s vision. This included:


  • Identify the unmet needs of the sales team with the previous design.
  • Understand the obstacles caused by having a content catalog with an outdated design.
  • Identify the categories of their productions and the importance of their sales offices.
  • Enhance their content to create an attractive inventory of their productions.
  • Include a navigation tool within the catalog to move between categories.
  • Create templates for the presentation of content for every page.
  • Design a content structure and informative icons for each of their productions.
  • A new catalog optimized to share and present as a digital asset.

Technologies we used

Our redesign of their digital catalog of productions prioritized images, making navigating more precise with straightforward content.

The Results

We modified their old catalog into a more contemporary, user-friendly format with a navigation tool to move between categories, templates for content presentation, and a high-quality structure design for each of their productions.

Solutions Made

Taking the time to understand the project and needs of Discovery was key to finding a solution

DNAMIC developed a strategy with understanding, exploration, and design stages

We held a workshop with a Discovery sales expert to understand their content structures and the brand objectives

DNAMIC team identified the negative parts of the catalog that were out of date and recognized the best practices for presenting and promoting sales of audiovisual content

Then, we managed to make a design and production process orderly and scalable, based on templates with very few revisions and changes

The final solution, implemented immediately by Discovery’s sales teams, opened the doors for us to develop more projects with them, including their events graphics

We focused on imagery, design, and information architecture to capture attention, creating an optimized catalog that shares its products digitally. You can learn more about how we get to the solution in this case study.


Case study

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