IT Recruiter (Mexico)

We seek a Technical Recruiter with experience and influence within the Mexican IT industry to join our fast-growing Recruitment Department. If you have strong interpersonal skills and have an eye for talent, this role is for you! It requires exceptional communication and negotiation expertise, software and technology knowledge, and a drive to make the staff augmentation process in Mexico thrilling and unique.


Join DNAMIC and be part of the creation of fantastic teams and leading-edge developments in technology. A fully remote position filled with benefits and an encouraging culture to become the best you can be. Apply now!


Career Details


In this role, you’ll be sourcing, screening, presenting satisfactory candidates, making the best offers, and constructing an exciting onboarding process to join our team.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle recruitment process in Mexico

  • Have close communication with the teams for a full-on perception of the hiring requirements and available positions

  • Make documents with the technical job descriptions, requirements, and notes, and post them once edited

  • Notify applicants of the position’s requirements, compensation, benefits, and hiring conditions

  • Do follow-ups and updates of the processes’ feedback with other internal teams

  • Define remarkable skills and qualifications to select the most appealing resumes

  • Interview with different methods such as structured questioning, behavioral interviews, and technical evaluations where you can collect in the best way the information on their skills, work history, education, and expectations

  • Create and send personalized hiring emails with job openings to potential candidates and onboard the new hires

  • Make appealing job offer letters

  • Stay up to date with the latest technological trends and produce

Essentials for this role

As a Technical Recruiter in DNAMIC is fundamental for you to know the technical positions we have to project into the recruiting processes. It also requires you to be a quick learner, a great communicator, and have good instincts to spot talent.

  • Strong background as a Technical Recruiter, IT Recruiter, or Talent Acquisition

  • Extensive knowledge of multiple interviewing methods 

  • Familiarity and ability to define the job requirements for technical roles such as Back End, Front End, Full Stack, RoR Developer, Mobile Developers, Quality Assurance, Graphic & Design, UI/UX, DevOps Engineer, Project Managers, Software Architect, among others

  • Reliable knowledge of technical languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, NodeJS, PHP, Java, .Net, C#, TypeScript, Python, React Native, Android, iOS, Xamarin, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Cypress, Selenium, Automation or Manual Quality Assurance, Magento, Drupal, etc.

  • Understanding and use of sourcing techniques (e.g., social media recruiting and Boolean search)

  • Experience with Applicant Tracking Systems, resume databases, and recruitment processes

  • Excellent verbal and written communication as well as interpersonal, decision-making skills 

  • Familiarity with Google Workspace

  • Excellent use of HR practices and understanding of the labor legislation

  • Ability to speak confidently about the company and answer any technical questions

English Skills

    • 85% or B2+


Creating teams worldwide is an advantage of today’s conditions that have made DNAMIC a greater, more diverse company. We believe that what makes people great is their personality as well as their abilities and skills. The growth we encourage is both personal and professional. Here, you’ll have the ground to become your best!

    • Fully remote job

    • Birthdays off

    • Flexible schedule

    • Private medical insurance

    • Continuous training in technology, methodologies, savings, and personal finances

    • Fantastic work environment, which we consider our most valuable asset.

    • Partnerships with universities

    • Room to grow and lead

At DNAMIC AI, you’ll experience a friendly working environment with a collaborative mindset. Apply Now! Send your resume to

What our team member say about working with us

Dnamic employee photography

“During the time that I have worked for DNAMIC my professional life has only grown.I a very grateful to be part of this wonderful team and for all the enriching experiences that have contributed to my formation as a professional in all areas.


At DNAMIC they have provided me with training and support that has added to my experience and has also allowed me to perform better in my area.”

Kristel Salazar

Sr Quality Assurance Engineering

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