DNAMIC adds paternity leave to its many benefits

DNAMIC adds paternity leave to its many benefits

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What is paternity leave?

Paternity leave is a type of time off from work that a new father may take to help care for their newborn kid.


In most countries, similar leaves are typical for moms. Still, paternity leave is somewhat more recent because parents are assuming a more active role as partners in raising children, particularly during the newborn stage. The demand for father’s leave is rising, and laws aren’t exactly catching up, but companies are!

Both parents working is the new normal in many families. Still, the benefits on companies are usually only favoring women on a family subject, specifically when we talk about paid leave.

Employers usually don’t have much to work with regarding this matter between laws and expectations. It will depend highly on the company, and either this one supports this initiative.

Paid paternity leave can help fathers bond with their children and establish a better work-life balance. But the benefits of paternity leave go beyond just the father and child relationship; paid paternity leave can also help businesses by increasing employee loyalty and reducing turnover rates.

Costa Rica's current status

Paternity leaves in Costa Rica were not common, and private-sector workers are entitled to it if their employer offers it as a policy.


If working in the public sector, fathers are entitled to eight days of paid paternity leave, according to Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court on August 14, 2013.


The Supreme Court, known as the Sala IV, ruled that all public officials are entitled to a paternity leave of eight days with pay, without distinction based on the child’s birth location or marital status.


The objective of the Court was to reassert parental rights and strengthen the notion of family, according to Judge who put it in motion, Fernando Cruz.

The ideal world

Some countries embrace its importance to the child, parent, and workplace when new parents want time away from work. Other countries simply miss the mark on this issue – in a perfect world, every country would provide significant employment benefits so that more people can bond with their children during those first few months after they’re born or adopted.

lithuania flag rounded


The European country of Lithuania offers fathers 30 days of paternity leave paid. This child-raising benefit provides full pay for the first year and a 70% salary for two years.

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Japan offers one full year of paid parental leave exclusively for fathers, and the Japanese government pays this leave as a separate benefit. 

sweden flag rounded


In Sweden, parents are encouraged to split leave days between them. Parental leave is available in many flexible wage brackets, with pay beginning at 80% of the employee’s regular wage. 

estonia flag rounded


They offer fathers two weeks of paid paternity leave, plus an extra 435 days of shared parental leave. 

iceland flag rounded


New 2021 legislation in Iceland extended the duration of combined maternity and paternity leave to 12 months, split equally between the mother and father, six months each.

Baby feet being hold

DNAMIC equality pledge

We have taken responsibility for gender equality in our culture and work opportunities. In this case, we want new parents to have time with their little ones and enjoy that time while also adapting to this new chapter of their lives.


We offer 10 working days for new fathers plus bonuses. 


At DNAMIC, we believe in happiness and balance at work, and how could we be an encouraging, supportive business if we don’t give this possibility?


We have many benefits for our community and its growth. If you want to learn more about them, you can follow our social media or check our official website, and also check our careers page if one of our open positions is the right fit for you!


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