Inside a Quality Assurance specialist day

Inside a Quality Assurance specialist day

As a business motivated but innovation and technology we keep our QAs near, and even more importantly, we try to keep them happy because it depends on them that the results are high-standard and precise. Today we have taken a dive inside one of our talented Quality Assurance specialists Joseph. He is giving us an insight into his daily job, the terms he uses and the details he thinks are key to delivering successful quality.

About Joseph

  • From Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica
  • Drinks coffee
  • Enjoys games as a way of clearing his head
  • Its a perfectionist by occupation
  • Loves his job
Quality Assurance Specialist - QA confidently smiling in front of the camera

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance is the process where a team or a specialist ensures that the quality of its product or service is present at all stages of production. This process involves regular inspection, design, creativity, and testing.

“The day starts with a daily meeting where we check the process done, the overdue tasks, things to improve, doubts, etc. We try to start the day with a clear mind and a clear path.”

What does a Quality Assurance specialist do?

“We are the ones in charge of overseeing the quality of the final product. But it oversees the quality of the process, the documentation, and the flow of every detail.


For example, our client wants two buttons with a particular background color; we use different tools for this requirement because, as a Quality Assurance specialist, my job is not only for everything to work perfectly but for it to look good as well. So I bring to the table upgrades and ideas that could elevate the quality, both in design as inefficiency; and this is a process that it’s supervised and worked on for all the project´s cycle of life.” 


It is a position often confused with a Software Tester. Still, a software tester’s objective is to develop the app with a minimal number of bugs. A quality assurance specialist delivers high quality through the client’s requirements and has to be sure that the result is the best it can be.


A Quality assurance process can escalate in less than a day, and that’s why the documentation is so essential for their work because the tools with the knowledge make any stressful situation into an obstacle that can be resolved with ease. 


Joseph defines his work as a QA as a multitasking but focused position. As a QA, confidence must rise, because they are in charge of the structure and endurance of the product during the project, from presented idea to outcome, plus assuring that the correct procedures and arrangements are made for it to be the best. But it’s not a one-person job, without the correct flow in the team the result can be at risk.


“We are a team-based position- We don’t particularly need to work as a team, but we choose to because it improves our work. If you trust your team and the work you have done in the documentation, delegating is more accessible and a better option if you are conscious that the process will maintain a high-quality level.”


Joseph says he’s a team player by nature. He has always felt better in a team, both at work and in life. He enjoys multiplayer video games, where he relies on his teammates and depends on him. At work, he can juggle different projects yet define the tasks within their priority and always keep the communication flowing with the other teams, both national and international, to always have the goals clear and the process sharp.


“Everyone has an objective individually, but we keep good communication. When you are QA, you rely on other QAs, and if the process doesn’t go through the proper documentation, it risks the chance of miscommunication, error, and obstacles that can slow or even ruin the development. We keep tabs on each other to see how the progress (and the documentation) of everyone is doing; we work together to reach the main goal. That’s how we work at DNAMIC.” 


His passion and endurance keep him quick on his feet- in this case, hands, and wanting to deliver excellent products is not just a task but a commitment to himself. Being passionate about your work makes every routine manageable and even enjoyable. Although, it is vital to keep small spaces in your day to recharge, shake off any tension, and ease the mind.


“We are the annoying ones, the obsessive team. Is a stressful position because we are counting on perfection at all times. Every QA is very likely a perfectionist, so I’d say we are always stressed, but it can be easier if you love what you do, and that’s my case.”

What kind of tools does QA use?

“QA tools vary with the project tackled at the moment. We use tools that help businesses manage the quality of their process as well as results, so they are usually digital ones that organize and support the design in question, and are corrective, preventive, and provide visibility to the final product”.


Types of QA Tools

  • Functional testing tools
  • Non-functional testing tool 
  • Agile testing tools 
  • Automation testing tools


  • Testim
  • SaunceLabs
  • Kualitee
  • Katalon
  • Telerik
  • Test Studio
  • QAProSoft
  • Selenium
  • TestArchitect
  • Kobiton

What characteristics make a good QA?

Effort, kindness, super micro-vision”


As well as a few other things, such as:

  • A sharp eye that notices details quickly
  • Confidence and motivation to keep learning and getting better
  • Teamwork
  • The knowledge of methods and concepts of Quality Assurance, but the constant update of these as well 
  • Able to create comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases
  • A quick-thinking mind with excellent data collection and analysis skills
  • Good communication and a good attitude!

And as Joseph made clear, it’s a plus if you love what you do!

Want to read more about Quality Assurance?

We invite you to our official blog and if you are a QA looking for a great, completely remote opportunity, where you can grow, learn and thrive in your career, check our open positions!

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