Christmas Party the DNAMIC Way

Christmas Party the DNAMIC Way

We celebrated seven years this 2021, but the biggest success is the multiple new faces that had brought the company a brand-new chapter.


A lot to be thankful for, a lot to cheer for!


As we sit in the main outdoor room of Rancho Los Hidalgo on a hot sunny day of November for our lunch, we can stop for a moment and appreciate our community and its totality. All the tables, all faces, more than 50 different smiles.


Is a special moment, we can admire the real grins, the sparkle on the eyes because after two years of working remotely from all different places of the country we gather to enjoy a free day and meet beyond the screens.


The pictures came to life, and we can finally pair laughter with a face.


The Chifrijo, quesadillas, cold beer, and sweet sangría made the sky shine a little bluer and the bingo even more exciting. There was a soccer match, a poolside chat, and the fantastic fair set up to play some casino-inspired games and enjoy friendly competition.


This incredible day allowed us to form conversations and share games, jokes, laughs, drinks, and candy. And we got to celebrate the holidays as close friends, even when we had just a few minutes of knowing each other for the first time or had years of not seeing one and other.


In a company where happiness is everything, seeing not only the business expand but the personal gratification of every single one of the people who work here is a triumph. 


DNAMIC is a company focused on technology, digital improvement, and future-focused advancement, yet the greatest asset we have is our people.


“As one of those people, it is an honor and dream to be encouraged to enjoy your work and be able to love it, as well as bring something to a bigger picture”. 

The culture we harvest as a business in DNAMIC is for joy to be the main focus of our day by day. We believe that work should be a passion as well as a responsibility. 


You have to feel safe, encouraged, challenged, but mostly content in your job, and as leaders in a company, there has to be a prioritization of this thought to thrive as a whole truly. 


And when you see a community that works great together and enjoys having fun together takes the concept of community to reality.


Five things we saw at the party that show what DNAMIC is 

  • Fun
  • Teamwork (And a great soccer crew)
  • Diversity (This word tends to have a strong meaning and weight to it, but the truth is that in DNAMIC case, you can see what diversity means because we want everyone to be themselves, not only on social events like these but at work too)
  • Strength (We grow prouder and better, and we the blossoming of DNAMIC, our beliefs and work gets more powerful and more meaningful)
  • Greatness (We don’t mean to brag, but look at these great people! Who also are great at what they do, and without them, DNAMIC wouldn’t be where it is) 

Check our Instagram post below for some more fun!

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