The journey of a successful web developer

The journey of a successful web developer

“The only one in your way is yourself,” Andrés Atencio, an outstanding web developer at DNAMIC

DNAMIC - Andres Atencio Web Developer

Andrés Atencio is one of our inspiration stories at DNAMIC. He’s a web developer that has paved his path with hard work and outstanding ideas. He has achieved so much at only 25 years old, but he says that his journey is only beginning, and we agree.


Professional excellence can be achieved with hard work, experience, and an initiative to continue learning, growing, and becoming the best. At DNAMIC, we applaud excellence, celebrate it, and encourage it, but that’s not the only aspect we see when we ask someone to join our team, we look beyond it because prominence comes from within.


Andrés came to DNAMIC with much to learn, but the drive to be his best version made him stand out, and that’s why we wanted to share his story.

Who is Andrés Atencio? Tell us about yourself.

“Right now, I’m in a learning state. I see my life from a different perspective lately. I, oddly, feel a certain maturity I didn’t before.


Even though I’m young, I feel I’m going from young adult to adulthood; I’m thinking more about the future, the consequences of what I do today. I’m trying to see beyond today so that I can work harder for tomorrow.


I consider myself a quiet person, relaxed, a team player; I bond with others quickly. I’m committed and like to give my 100% in everything I do, personally and professionally.”

"Every day we have a chance to learn something new"

“I like cycling. I like the challenge of a long path, it clears my mind, but somehow, I enjoy how the road tests your body. I see the ride as life itself because the one who limits yourself is you.


When you are on the road, there are some parts harder than others, you get too tired, you want to slow down or stop, but you have to push yourself to reach your goals, in this case, it is either a view or a nice place. It’s not only exercise but teaches me to persevere.”


Andrés is a competitive mind with a team-player heart. The one he likes to test more is himself. He told us he likes to play strategy games too, either board or video games, like Risk, Monopoly, Age of Empires, or even Call of Duty. Having to do his best to succeed and rely on his teammates keeps him on his toes.


He is an animal lover too because you have to be if you like to train them, which is one of his hobbies.


“Animals are constantly teaching you something, we create strong bonds, and they never stop surprising me how smart and emotionally supportive they can be. It’s nice to have the time to spend with them.”


He calls this moment, this quarter of his life, the time to improve.


“I’m trying to be the most proactive I’ve ever been, I’m taking advantage of my time, of my opportunities, and I’ve been more focused than ever in wanting to pave the way for a better future.”


What got you into programming?

“Is a funny story actually because I never thought about it. I have always liked computers, but I wanted to be either an architect or a doctor.”


Andrés got his first computer when he was 12 years old, but he wrecked it because he wanted to learn more about it, to know it inside and out. And somehow, it never crossed his mind that he could learn about them not only for fun but also as a professional. 


By the time it was the moment to choose a career after graduating from school, he almost went into microbiology. But his brother knew he had always loved computers and couldn’t miss the chance to choose a career that would make him successful but also enjoy it and make it a passion. 


So he pushed Andrés to try it, he pushed and pushed.


“In the end, I gave in, I took my first class of web design and development, and from that moment, I started to fall in love with the career. I’ve been ever since. I always said I wanted to be like my brother. He knows so much. He is the wise, cool figure I wanted to become, so his advice meant a lot, and I’m glad I took it.”


He loves a challenge. The first sign was in a design class when he had to clone a sheep, and by achieving it, he felt a new kind of pride, because of the difficulty it brought him and the work it took him to get it right. 


“In the end, every part of the learning process became what I was most passionate about, and from that point, it’s what I like the most.”


What about work? What’s been your professional path before and inside DNAMIC?

Before DNAMIC, he worked as a programmer too, was offered a job for a project a friend was working on, but he hadn’t graduated yet, and he was working on something completely unrelated. One of the requirements was knowledge of React and Angular, and he just knew HTML and Javascript, so he decided to take the chance of the new job and learned those on his own. 


“I worked with a friend for around six months, and I’m very thankful for it. I learned a lot, but sadly, the development ended, and I was in between jobs while studying until I felt sure to apply to something more challenging and had the chance to do it at DNAMIC.” 


He didn’t get the job at DNAMIC at first. Perseverance is one of his best qualities. He doesn’t give up when he knows that’s the path to go on and the goals he wants to achieve. 


“I wanted to work here, so Arturo told me, “Keep growing, keep doing your thing and come back,” so I did, I kept studying, preparing myself, and about a year later, I came in and got it.”


And to make it more exciting, he got a big project assigned as soon as he was on the team. He told us it felt very challenging and scary to be the new guy, and people are already relying on you, but he pushed through and gave his best.


“But learning more tools and different things in that project motivated me, and with that initiative, I got assigned more tasks and became part of the team.”

DNAMIC - Andres Atencio Web Developer

Has your career and process changed the perspective of your life?

“I’ve changed a lot. I used to feel lost at first. There was so much I needed to learn it was overwhelming. I lacked some experience that, even If I wanted to do my best, had to come to peace that learning and mastering takes time. I was still in a construction process, still am, but now I feel more mature; I understand the growing process, and that is no longer an anxiety trigger but exciting.


DNAMIC has been vital for that, and there’s so much that I am thankful for because if it wasn’t for their encouragement, the possibilities set for us, the way is here, my career and life would be different.”


DNAMIC was built to work because you want to be happy. All team staff is brought in for the essence they bring. We want everyone to succeed, to see their best. There are no labels, no jealousy, no limitations. We want everyone to grow individually. Not only to reach a particular business position or a title in a CV but to thrive and feel content. 


Andrés is now one of the most cherished and vital web developers we know, filled with knowledge and passion. He is a great mentor and teammate. He shows his experience by lifting others, his team, and the company alike with his great work, energy, and excitement. 


 He puts his everything into every project and never stops improving.


After having years of experience now, do you have a favorite technology?

“Personally, Javascript was my first. It was the thing I learned first, so it means a lot. I like how it’s also very dynamic. It keeps growing, and it’s challenging, you have to know where and when to use it, and its relationship with others makes it so appealing for someone who likes to learn different tools like me.”


“For example, how JavaScript works with React, or now with Flutter, it’s the future. It came to change things that needed to change, so it is exciting.”


But Python is his next challenge, the goal for the near future because he sees the industry moving towards the automatization process and would like to be prepared.

Back-End or Front-End?

“Oh no! I like them both! I don’t have favorites! It’s unusual, but I think they should try to stick together as much as they can. It’s a tricky question! I like Mobile Development, so I guess I like FrontEnd a bit more, but they can’t be one without the other.”


 He calls the knowledge on both the big picture. It’s like making some magic; you know where it comes from and how it looks but can be a mystery to others, and that’s fun. 


“When people say “and now the magic happens,” and I’m like, yeah, that’s me, that’s what I’m doing.”


You are a team player for sure. What do you think makes a great team?

“The union of the team and communication are fundamental to what we do. There has to be teamwork and support for us to succeed. We don’t let anyone stay back or block; we try to help as much as possible and encourage each other by doing that, we assure a good result.”


When people think about teams, they imagine sports or something like that, but the truth is that in software and technology, being a good team is vital. The consistency and the feeling of belonging make progress easier. When a human being is encouraged, trusted, and is part of something that feels comfortable and strong, it’s very likely to succeed. 


Andrés is coming to a new team and project in these next months, and we couldn’t be prouder. 


“This new chapter is very exciting, and I’m learning, even more, taking the dust off a few things I haven’t used in a while, but putting my mind to work makes it more exciting.”


Andrés, do you believe in the power of opportunities? 

“Yes, in my life, I’ve seen it; I’ve lived it. I do believe we make some opportunities work, and we take those firmly. But there are also the ones life gives us, and those are the ones we aren’t sure about, we doubt, and uncertainty comes. But I believe too in our path and how we hold power over our happiness. If we trust ourselves, we’ll know when to let go to let new, better things in.”

"It all depends on how you see them; that's what gives them power. It can raise you or put you down. But it's up to you."

How have new opportunities changed your life?

“They’ve made me into the person I am today. Like I mentioned before, my first job in programming was while I was studying. Before it, I worked in a call center, so when the opportunity came to leave that job, even if it brought me comfort and security, I took the shot, and it was life-changing. I left my safe place for new experiences and a new path, and it was worth it.” 


Andrés constantly shows how hard work and a focused mind can do. He started this programming job by leaving something that gave him the financial freedom to keep his studies and graduate. Yet, he still left and threw himself into uncertainty. 


“I remembered I told myself: “if I start now, by the time I’m done studying, I’ll have both experience and knowledge.” Thanks to that decision, I’ve had so many doors open.”


“El que no arriesga no gana” – “Who does not risk does not conquer!“


Last but not least, what do you see in your future? What’s in store for Andrés? 

“I see myself as someone free, wise, and living a whole, abundant life.” 


“The transition I mentioned at the start, that feeling of adulthood, has me questioning what’s in-store, or at least what I want. I’ve thought about how to do better, how to be better.”


“My future, my vision, I see myself harvesting the fruit of the seeds I’ve planted.” 


“Committing to my goals and putting in the effort has been the reasons why I’ve come so far, and I only plan to keep going.”


“I’m very thankful for what I’ve accomplished so far by working hard, keeping my feet on the ground, and remembering where I come from. But I do feel that trusting myself; I can do anything I set my mind to.” 


“I owe myself to feel proud, but I also know my friends and my partner’s part in this process has been significant, and how they’ve been through it with me has meant a lot.” 


“I see myself as successful already. I know I’m on the right path. I’ve made good choices, and I can keep tackling any obstacle and reaching everything I’m setting for myself. But, in the balance of life, there’s always that one thing that overpowers anything else, and that’s health. I’m thankful for being healthy. With health, you can achieve anything you want.”


At 25 years old, Andrés has shown not only his potential but his already so wise, so strong. 


He’s been working since he was a child, wanting to earn money in gigs, and was consistently proactive, wanting to keep moving forward, setting great goals for his life. He keeps everything organized, clean and thoughtful about his decisions and finances, which will always be a good thing when building yourself. 


Even in the little things, the order makes a clearer path to follow and peace of mind.


Andrés is a model to follow, a friend to keep, and a mentor to wish for. We asked him one last extra question because how he lives, his commitment, and his passion its shown in everything he does.  


What are your go-to values? What is Andrés built off? 


“Honesty and responsibility. They complement each other, and I think they are the most important for someone to have because I think if you do, it leaves a great mark in your life, professionally and personally. A responsible person always leaves a door open because they are trustworthy.” 


“Someone who uses them both is a great person, sincere, strong-minded. I aspire to be that every day, with others and with myself.”


We asked him one last thing, to give us advice of any kind for anyone open to take it, and he gave us this:

You are the only one who can take you to the destination you want; limitations are in your mind, you are the one who sets them. You are the one who knows where your goals are and the only one who can take you there!


In 2021, he is celebrating five years as part of DNAMIC, and we couldn’t be happier. He never stops showing his considerable skills and raising the bar with his hard work and passion. He is not only an asset but someone we love working with.

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