Pressure makes a diamond: The 2021 Best Innovations

Pressure makes a diamond: The 2021 Best Innovations

This 2021 embodied uncertainty because we didn’t know what would be next. Still, it also came with the previous knowledge of pandemic fear and confusion, so it was a big “is this it?” question to see if we had to move forward dispised the reality we faced. Do we have to do what we can with what we have right now? The answer was yes, still is.


And thanks to that push and the many challenges that might have limited resources to do what you do, the world took what it was close to and still made fantastic things.


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Not even an ongoing pandemic stopped engineers, developers, and especially scientists from doing what they had to.


The efficiency and the drive to optimize our world brought to the table all kinds of new things like a hair-washing system that creates a lather with less water, a riff on a remote control that takes off the need for disposable batteries; and much more.


Special mention to scientists’ fast and tireless work to put Covid-19 vaccines out.


Covid vaccines were not the only fantastic outcome of health developments this year. There were so many new inventions and innovations, and we will mention a few worth remembering and being thankful for. 

  • Covid-19 Vaccines

    COVID vaccines have become vital in this path of recovering our lives within this pandemic. But even as numerous options of vaccines have proceeded to be public out across the world, two groundbreaking vaccines for COVID-19 have been proven to be the best or at least more practical. It’s important to denote that all vaccines have been proven safe and effective, but Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are mRNA-based. What does that mean? The clinical trial was around 95% effective at containing laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 illness. New England Journal of Medicine studied how effective the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were at preventing symptomatic infection and found that Moderna’s vaccine was 96% effective and Pfizer’s was 88% percent effective. The rest of the vaccines were tested and effectively showed a range between 80%-90%

  • Ellume Self-Test

    A COVID-19 Home Testing Kits that the FDA has authorized, such as the ones made by Ellume, Abbott, and ACON, plus others developing. The test includes a nasal swab with protecting child adapter, a dropper, processing fluid, and a Bluetooth® connected analyzer for use with an app on your phone. The app guides the test, including an integrated information video with detailed instructions. The sample is analyzed, and the result shows up on your phone after 15 minutes. Results are saved within the app and can be sent by email. They are 90% reliable in picking up SARS-CoV-2 proteins, but it’s essential to recall that these at-home kits won’t replace the accuracy of high-standard PCR tests. Still, they can identify those infected and avoid them to keep spreading the virus further.

  • Zokinvy by Eiger Pharmaceuticals

    is the first FDA-approved treatment for Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, a rare disease that causes premature aging. Eiger Pharmaceuticals aims to develop essential therapies effectively and fast to short treatment development times and deliver life-changing medicines to patients. Eiger also leads clinical programs that target Hepatitis Delta Virus infection. 

  • Inmazeb by Regeneron

    Inmazeb is now FDA-approved with several monoclonal antibody treatments. It is an anti-viral antibody medicine developed using fast response technologies as Regeneron’s investigational COVID-19 antibody combination. After an extensive clinical trial, Inmazeb showed superiority compared to other investigational similar agents concerning mortality. The treatment was most effective when given early in this disease. 

  • Brexafemme by SCYNEXIS, Inc

    The best vaginal fungus treatment in the market for decades. Why is so revolutionary? Because It works by blocking an enzyme that helps create a protective coat around Candida fungi, which is the one that causes vaginal yeast infections. Without this covering, the microbe quickly dies off. The two-tablet formulation starts working within a few days and remains in a person’s system for as long as two weeks to prevent a resurgence. Brexafemme is the first antifungal in over 40 years that can fight against a new class of infection called triterpenoids. 

  • Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 Serum

    SPF has to be a must in your skincare routine; it`s almost 2022! And this inventive hybrid serum brings together two of the most significant things you can do to protect your skin and hydrate it with an extra touch of vitamin C. It has an oil-free formula perfect for healthy-looking, brighter skin. 

  • Semglee by Viatris

     Doctors worked to fix a genetic defect in the liver condition called transthyretin amyloidosis through a clinical trial and managed to create an affordable insulin product that might change the game. Semglee comes inside a tiny blob called a lipid nanoparticle that corrects deficient cells. It’s the first phase of clinical trials, but when it’s a go-for-market could pave the way for curing a wide variety of genetic conditions.


  • Ecoqube radon detector

    Ecoqube is Radon’s smart detector, a dangerous, colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer if a person takes high levels over time. An estimated lung cancer rate showed that radon is the second lung cancer cause behind cigarette smoking globally.

  • Mosquirix

    developed the first vaccine to prevent the parasitic disease Malaria. The vaccine received approval from the World Health Organization, giving it the green light for broader distribution and use. The medicine is only about 50% effective against severe MalariaMalaria. Yet, it is still one of the best forms of prevention, and it’s giving people a more significant chance to fight this deadly disease.


  • Synchron Stentrode™ mind-controlling for the better!

    It’s a device designed to function as both a neuroprosthesis and neuromodulation. “The Stentrode is undergoing clinical investigation to evaluate its ability to improve functional independence for people with paralysis by restoring command control of external devices that facilitate instrumental activities of daily living. Future interventional neuromodulation applications may include the potential to diagnose and treat nervous system conditions from within blood vessels, including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression, and hypertension.” Thomas Oxley MD Ph.D., founding CEO, Synchron.

  • Robin the Robot

    Mental health has been a priority within this pandemic, and innovations such as Robin the robot as come to be a necessary help for supporting and shaping the future of technology. Robin is a robotic technology that analyzes facial expressions and immerses into the context of conversations. Its cable is moving with an Omni-directional wheel system, and it uses its “face” to display emotion and empathy with a variety of expressions. This means that this robot can react naturally to situations and create authentic interactions with children, which is why it supports Covid-19 victims so much, especially children. 

But just like health experienced an incredible boost, tech experienced it as well.


Two of the biggest companies in the world—Apple and Google—revamped their hardware, plus Samsung released a genuinely mature, futuristic folding device; and, to everyone’s shock, digital art became a millionaire business. 


Let us mention the ones that deserve a place in everyone’s memory:


  • The M1 chip

    Apple broke up with Intel and claimed its original role with 16 billion transistors on board. The M1 integrates several components, including the CPU, GPU, unified memory architecture (RAM), Neural Engine, Thunderbolt controller with USB 4 support, Secure Enclave, SSD controller, image signal processor, encode/decode engines, all of which force different features in the Mac. It´s official. The Mackbook is back! 


  • Let’s talk NFT’s

    They are tokens that exist on the blockchain, virtual items you can purchase in a video game only that this ownership will exist in real life and be worth even millions of dollars. It’s a place where online public ledgers keep track of transactions concerning digital assets. For example, Disney started making NFTs for its most popular characters, which is as clear a sign as any that this type of tech and currency has outgrown the idea of a “gated crypto community.”


  • A1 Mirrorless Camera by Sony

    The smaller A1 so far with all the photographic firepower expected by Sony. It is a photography game-changer where you no longer have to choose between high-resolution or super-fast shooting because it can capture 30 full-resolution 50.1-megapixel raw files per-second while performing 120 autofocus auto-exposure calculations at the same time.


  • Paper Shoot Camera

    We have to mention one of the camera’s most fantastic additions, such as the Paper Shoot Camera. Tech meets old school!  It allows you to take good-quality pictures while quickly developing them on your computer with a USB. Plus, it´s an eco-friendly way of enjoying the art of photography.


  • Vecnos Iqui 360

    If you are more of a selfie kind of person, there is a 2021 invention for you, not the usual selfie stick, but the Vecnos Iqui 360. It has a camera with a 360-degree effect that takes the view of the scene and allows you to benefit from its high-quality editing software.


  • Apple airtags!

    Apple makes it to most of the “2021 great inventions lists” with constant tech innovations. They made a necessary unnecessary invention for people who need to find their keys. Tech allows you to set up your devices with the tags and find your bag, keys, or even your pet. 


  • Galaxy Z Flip3

    When they said flip phones were back, we had our doubts, but the Galaxy Z Flip3 changed our minds and created an esthetically pleasing smartphone that meets needs like comfortable use and high tech development. When closed can fit in almost any pocket, and it’s a half-inch thick and approximately 3.4 inches on its longest edge. Unfolded, it’s a 6.7-inch AMOLED display on par with chunky flagship handhelds. Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones have a system-on-a-chip specifically for ambitious tasks like image processing and real-time translation and transcription without needing the cloud.

Special Mentions

  • The 15-inch espresso

    This is a portable touch-screen monitor that you will love. It’s thin and flat with an anodized frame. Its coverage of the sRGB color is superior to its similar products, and among mobile monitors, it plays well. Even by adding a protective sleeve and different accessories, you will be able to have multiple work tools within an easy, portable experience. 


  • Amira AI learning

    The future is here, and it’s looking bright. Amira is a personalized intelligent reading tutor supported by trained artificial intelligence by the best reading experts. Amira allows identifying children’s unique needs and adjusts her coaching to help in the best way possible. 


  • Sphero

    aims to educate and support children with accessible tools that encourage imagination and perseverance through STEAM and computer science. Kids can code too! Their main goal is to equip future changemakers with a more significant focus on their abilities, their interests, and passions while molding them with the essential skills they will need in the world.


  • LEGO goes green

    The LEGO Group showed their prototype LEGO® brick made from recycled plastic, which marks their latest step into the journey of making LEGO products from sustainable materials. The new prototype, which uses PET plastic from discarded bottles, is the first brick batch made from a recycled material that also meets the company’s strict quality and safety requirements.


  • Goldberg and Gott system for existing maps

    They invented a quantifying way for the six types of distortions that flat maps can introduce: local shapes, areas, distances, flexion, lopsidedness, and boundary cuts or continuity gaps. “Our map is more like the globe than other flat maps,” Gott said. “To see all of the globe, you have to rotate it; to see all of our new map, you simply have to flip it over!”. Who are they? A trio of map experts: J. Richard Gott, an astrophysics professor at Princeton and creator of a logarithmic map of the universe; Robert Vanderbei, a professor of operations research and financial engineering who made the “Purple America” map of election results; and David Goldberg, a Drexel University professor of physics.


  • Illusory Material

    is a design methodology and a computational workflow that restructures and even reinvents materiality to create one-of-a-kind expressions, forms, properties, and experiences. It’s all about designs and prints on 3D of everyday products with what they call ‘impossible’ materials. They use and do things that you would only think could exist in the digital world, like making something hard that looks soft or just any creation of your mind can be made reality.  


  • Unspun

    is a robotic and digital apparel business that builds custom jeans on demand. They defined their mission as an eco-friendly company to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% through localized, automated, and utterly intentional manufacturing.


  • Take Form Mat

    Athleisure brand Lululemon created a 3D elevation steps mat to perfect your poses. It’s called the Take Form mat because of its 3D effect across the mat, where the person will see a pattern of soft ridges in the form of concentric circles that ripple outward from fixed points. This effect is supposed to be alignment markers meant to guide the best posture and indicate where to place hands and feet during the yoga poses.


  • TimeChi

    Eyes on productivity, this new wifi-supported device will block any distractions. It will help you achieve any goal set, long term, or those sweet productive hours without anything taking you off your path.


  • Teamflow

    is a virtual office for remote teams that help with casual, not so informal, unplanned chats, and quick collaborations. It’s an organic, creative, meant-to-be-fun platform for work to feel like a community again. From brainstorming ideas to important monthly meetings, it allows changing scenery and taking advantage of digital life. Virtual meetings, but make it cool!

Our Thoughts

Since the pandemic started, we put our trust in working remotely and its benefits.  These innovations and changes show us how the world is building towards the future and how it’s working too for businesses and people with this type of work ideology. 


The main idea of many creators and innovators out there it’s to thrive in their job while enjoying life to its fullest. And that`s what DNAMIC believes in. 


Read more about DNAMIC culture on our official blog here.

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