Arena Edge

Updated platform, using cutting-edge technologies, highly competitive in the e-learning market.

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A user-friendly Unified Video Platform and user destination for your executive, marketing and organizational communications, knowledge hubs and training.


This Web-based project is the result of a meticulous process of developing and creating a Web site, activities in a network which are aimed at a pre-defined goal. It also involved aspects such as including programming and the accompanying software development, Web business, Web server and network administration, hosting, graphics/design, the development and administration of databases, construction of interfaces, project management and quality assurance, search engine optimization, the maintenance of data in content management/editing systems among other activities.

DNAMIC Approach

DNAMIC engaged a dedicated UX/UI and mobile team to develop, maintain and improve the whole All Truck visual performance  as well as to help All Truck to succeed in times of major technological services. 

About Arena Edge

Arena Edge provides the first truly video and content solution for organizational and marketing communications, integrating in one platform the most innovative and user friendly knowledge harvesting tools, reducing dramatically the costs of create, modify and share content.

The Challenge

  • Provide a full visual learning experience, based on graphics, maps, charts etc accelerate the learning experience.
  • Support public and private content in the same platform, generating metrics about content consumption
  • Intuitive and powerful development center to create content without complexity, in single video player that allows integration of video processing, slides, assessments, polls.
  • Learning Service Center, allowing the clients to customize the learning experience to meet business needs.


The Solution

  • As user, No switch between platforms, Arena Edge integrates multiple learning tools to keep the focus of user (SCORM, LDAP). Assets are uploaded and synchronized to video’s timeline, the user can explore material without leaving the platform.
  • As Content creator, Arena provides a single platform for content creation, video processing, speech transcript, include captions, include entire presentations in the same platform
  • Edge, a novel solution to improve the networks resources usage by multicasting content in the network, reducing the bandwidth consumption.
  • Dashboards reports provides precise data for specific needs, easily customizable, graphical representations of user’s performance and completion rates.

The Results

  • Updated platform, using cutting-edge technologies, highly competitive in the e-learning market.
  • $360k in savings per year in development
  • Market moves fast, the first Arena Edge product was delivered in 6 months.
  • With multiple possible user profiles and requirements, a customizable and scalable platform created to quickly enable learning resources
  • The most powerful search engine in the market, taking advantage of machine learning technologies to reduce the time spent by the users in searching for resources.

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